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Book Adventures: A Haul & A Giveaway (CLOSED): Boston Author Event June 13th, 2015 .@tinareber Bewitching Bibliophile

Hi my loves,

This weekend I took the bus into Boston to go see an all-star lineup of authors that included Tammara Webber, Rebecca Donovan, J Sterling, Jessica Park, Tina Reber, Andrea Randall, Priscilla Glenn, Jillian Dodd, Julia Kent, Michelle Scot, Daisy Prescott, and Charles Sheehan Miles.  The event was organized by Lalone Marketing and was a mostly boutique author event.

Now I will readily admit, I was going to this event because Tammara and Rebecca where going to be there, as far as I remembered I hadn't read any of the other author's works.  Then I looked them up on the kindle and I actually had a few of the books on my shelf (this is what happens when you just keep clicking over several years).  So I made a game plan and a list and I was ready.  I bought my ticket online for $10 plus tax which came to $11.50. then I bought my bus ticket which was $61.00. And off we went.

I picked my ticket up from the Greyhound place a few days early just because I wanted to be prepared and it's a good thing I did too, I got there saturday morning at 6 am like they told me to and they didn't show up until 715 am.  The bus which was supposed to be at 7 am was late, when they looked it up the bus was delayed for two hours where ever the hell it was and that meant I was going to be late going into the city because it was going to be even longer getting there,  Had the bus arrived on time I would have arrived in Boston at 10 am and had plenty of time to walk around and even go to the Prudential Shopping Center (I'm so glad I decided to wait until I was there to purchase my Observation Deck ticket).  But I arrived in Boston at 130 pm when the event started at 12 and Copley Place was on the other side of the South Street Station, not far but with the Gay Pride Parade going on and streets closed to traffic it took an extra $7 in riding around to get to where we needed to go. I'm so not happy with Greyhound and of course lodged a complaint with the Boston Station.

So this adventure wasn't off to the greatest start and I hoped like heck I wasn't going to be on the back of the longest line known to man, however, being late (not my fault) was advantageous in that I missed most of the early rush and had time to talk to the authors without having to sign and run.  The books can be purchased from the authors, with either cash or credit card.  You could also bring books from home, but since I don't own their books in physical form I didn't have any to bring with me beyond Left Drowning by Jessica Park.

The room was set up in a circle and when you entered Jessica Park was the first author to greet you, then Andrea Randall/Charles Sheenan Miles who shared a booth, then Tina Reber, followed by Priscila Glenn, then Jillian Dodd, then Rebecca Donovan, and Daisy Prescott, Julia Kent and the last one before the door was J Sterling and she would be the last author you talk to before heading out into the little water cooler area.  I loved the setup because there would be no backflow and traffic only had one way in and one way out so no skipping here.  I brought cards to share with the authors so they would learn about the blog and the youtube channel.

Once I made it to the Marriott at Copley Place, I was greeted by the great staff at the front and of course, an awesome concierge who made the directions I had written down easy and understandable since I was flustered and afraid I was going to miss it.  I went up the escalator ( and now that I think about it I should have taken pictures of the beautiful lobby and hanging lights, oh well), and right in front of me was the check-in booth, you showed them your ticket (apparently these women were volunteers for the event and locals) and any books that you have brought from home.  I only brought my copy of Left Drowning by Jessica Park which I got at BEA 2013, I got her to sign it for me and chatted for a few minutes then I moved on.

I walked into the room and was greeted first by Jessica Park, after that the first person I went to because I had a choice was Priscilla Glenn, (I skipped around I know) There I got her to sign Emancipating Andie for me and I purchased it from her.

Then I moved on to Jillian Dodd, since I own her books in ebook form I had her sign my author book

and it was gorgeously done.  She has the most amazing dress on and I totally love it!!

I moved on to Rebecca Donovan who had a great booth, with tons of swag and things, and I purchased the Breathing series and talked about tattoos with her and her booth mate.

I enjoyed myself then I moved past Daisy who had several women she was talking to, and then I went onto Julia Kent. I spent the most amount of time with Julia, we talked about her books, sexual fluidity, our favorite authors, and fave books, including Diana Gabaldon & the Outlander series.   I loved meeting with her and getting the background of the series that was started, I have her books in ebook form then so I had her send me the second book in this new series in trade form and she will sign it for me. Can't get any better than that.

Then I moved on to J Sterling, and I love her potty mouth, she had an awesome headband and she made me laugh, she shared some great stories about her time in Boston and we got along really well laughing about her adventures and her reason for writing her books.  Yep, I had a blast.  I purchased The Perfect Game and picked up some baseball charm swag that I'm going to make into a bookmark on ribbon.  Then as a gift she gave me Seeing Stars which she said was inspired by a trip to see Drake in concert and she was upset that he didn't see her in the audience and immediately fall in love with her. I never laughed so much with someone about something so simple but she is such a great storyteller if her books are like this then I'm going to love them.

Then I went back to the authors I skipped including Andrea Randall who I purchased In the Stillness from her and talked with her for a while as well. Charles was also there and we talked for a bit, I didn't get anything from him because I only had enough left for Tina's book (oops, I wasn't really supposed to spend so much but oh well, that's what the internet is for).

Then I move on to Tina and we talked about travel and books and her plans for the rest of the year.  I got Jacked because I have the other books in ebook form and I wanted the other books but she had sold it right before I got there.  I can't wait to get into it because it sounds awesome.

And that was it, I headed out after and ate at California Pizza Kitchen,  (which was an adventure all of its own), I had a good server named Sam, and I was unfortunately seated near the table that the staff was eating at and learnt more about one of the female servers than I ever want to know about someone whose name I don't know. I really think she was doing it because I was there too, because before she was quiet and now that I was sitting and eating and not looking at them she kept getting loud and talking wild when the manager would go over to talk to them she never talked that loud and they were all talking and laughing.  Her constant "that's racist, that's racist" in a high-pitched voice made me want to slap her so bad, bigotry is different from racist, if you don't know the meaning don't use the word. UGHHHHHHH.  Totally didn't impress me on my first trip there.  Also when another table was seated in the section she tones all the way the hell down.  So I know she knew exactly what she was doing.   I finished eating then I went roaming around the Prudential Mall then headed back to the Marriott to get a cab then wait for my bus home.

It was an eventful day and I enjoyed it despite all the screw-ups that had nothing to do with me. I can't explain how annoyed I get when something goes so wrong and it wasn't because I didn't plan properly or I was late.  I did my part, they really needed to have done theirs, and yeah the driver apologized but that doesn't help that I was two hours behind.

Boston was still amazing to see and even more beautiful than I remember.  I can't wait to go back, this time I'm taking the train.

Have you had any bookish adventures lately?? Share in the comments down below please and we can talk about them.  What books did you get recently??  Are you going to Chicago in November?? I am, it's close to my birthday so this will be my present to myself. I bought my ticket already and I'm buying my airfare later today because it's cheap.  Check it out here

Good Luck to all participants!!  Win an Autographed Copy of JACKED and various bookswag from Tina Reber!!!

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I hope you enjoyed my wrap up. Share down below what you have read and let me know if you're from Boston and what I should do when I go back in July.

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