Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Discussion: Romance As A Genre, Why is it looked down on??

I'm no scholar, but I really am tired of how people are looking at romance on booktube, so I decided to write my thoughts down then put them in a video.

I truly do believe that part of the reason people look down on romance, is because of misogyny, it's given a bad rap because people don't believe that romance is a 'real' genre, or that the woman that read romance, are lonely women without men, and that the women who write romance are simply living out their fantasies, because they are also lonely women, And while that may be true for some women reading the books, it's not true for a majority.. Even if it is true, that doesn't make the book any less than (yeah I know there are some really shit books out there, I'm looking at you the story inappropriate insensitive racist books, we're mostly talking about the books that aren't a waste of trees and ink).  No one looks at spy books written by men and telling them it's not realistic or only pathetic men will read these.

It's really starting to get on my nerves also when people look down on romance then turn around and talk about how much they love Pride and Prejudice, or Romeo & Juliet.  Yeah How you love those, but don't love romance??
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I express more in the video linked above, but here are the companies I mentioned: (None of which even know I'm mentioning them so...not a sponsored blog or vlog post)
So that's what I think, What are your thoughts?? What do you believe is the underlying reason people hate on romance.  Share your stories of what people have said to you or what you thought romance is or was and let's keep the discussion going.

Thanks so much for watching and reading and I'll see you guys tomorrow,
Happy Reading whatever you love

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