Friday, March 3, 2017

My Favorite New Adult Authors & Titles

Hi my loves, welcome to march and my New Adult features this month. I'm hoping to share the good the bad and the worse of new adult and share why I love it and sometimes why I hate it.  I'm sharing my old school favorites and new found loves, from romance to the paranormal and of course the erotic, so let's go for a jaunt in between the stacks.

First up on this list has got to be Jay Crownover, I fell in love with her and her writing about three years ago when I busted a slump by reading Rule and the rest of the Marked Men, but my absolute favorite from her that I highly recommend to lovers of new adult has to be Rome. This Marked man and his lady have an amazing story and I fell in love with and almost cried with and for them. I absolutely loved this story and whenever I need a little pick me up I like to skim through to my favorite parts and read this one pretty quickly.

I also can't leave without mentioning my favorite bad boy by Jay, and the newest addition to the Saints of Denver crew, because OMG he is beautiful.  I really loved this story and gushed about it already in a full review, but you definitely need to check out Church's story if you are looking for good romance for new adult  and it's interracial as well.

Another favorite author of mine is Erin McCarthy and her True Believers series, my absolute favorite however has to be Sweet. Because omgawd (you're going to read that alot) I absolutely love Riley.  He is such an amazing character and the way he loves him some Jess?!!! Just so awesome and another of my slump busters.

This list wouldn't be anywhere near complete if I didn't feature Tammara Webber here.  One of the first new adult authors I read I immediately fell in love with her writing and I haven't been able to stop loving her characters and their stories ever since. Her stories definitely hit close to your heart and make you think.

Another of my favorites is Monica Murphy. Much like Easy, her books Second Chance Boyfriend and One Week Girlfriend were part of my first journey into new adult and it's a rabbit hole I hope to never climb out of thanks to the good writing from these authors.

I read her Once Pure as a review book, then proceeded to purchased the entire series and read it all within a week, Cecy Robson writes a wonderful series featuring some amazing men stronger women, each story building on the last creating a world and community that sometimes fails, but always comes back to have your back. And of course it makes Philly seem so much realer, especially after I visited last year.

Last year I fell not the awesome world of The Reed by Tammy Faulkner brothers.  The first book was recommended by Jen's Library on Booktube.  I was in a slump and pulled this up and it was amazing. I read the entire series in a little over two weeks and I just can't imagine not having this awesome series.  The Reed Brothers are amazing and you definitely need to add them to your reading pile. Especially because we have several characters with different disabilities.

And one of my absolute favorite new adult reads happens to be Raine by J.C Valentine. I gush about this book all the time. It was such an amazing read for me and each time I have re-read it has only grown on me more.

And a few more honorable mentions include Chelsea Fine, whose seres I absolutely enjoyed reading because the characters were well written and so much fun.  I loved how the characters weren't what you truly expected based on their original first glance.

Another honorable mention would be Elle Kennedy's Off Campus series which I really enjoyed reading and loved the final book in the series.

I'm sure there are plenty more I could mention, but whenever I think of new adult and want to read something to bring me out of the slump these are some of my go to authors.

Do you have some suggestions?? Share in the comments down below and we can share and compare.
Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, happy reading my loves

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