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Book #Review: Baby Be Mine by Emily Mckay

Book Title: Baby Be Mne
Author:  Emily McKay|Website| TwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Romance
Series/Standalone: Stand alone
Format: Mass Market
Cost: $4.25
Pages: 218
How I got it: Harleqin Reader Service
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Publication Date: January 2003
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Radio celebrity Tabitha Talbot never dreamed she'd find herself dumped…and pregnant! And now, to make matters worse, her station manager has come up with the perfect way to help her mend her broken heart—a love-letter contest. But the only lover Tabitha's crazy hormones are pointing to is her sexy cohost, confirmed bachelor Sam Stevens. And he's definitely not daddy material. Or is he…?

Sam Stevens can't quite believe it himself. One minute he's teasing Tabitha on the air, the next he's got her up against the wall, making mad passionate love to her. What's even more surprising is the fact that he wants to keep her there, for good. Only, Tabitha isn't buying his "let's be a family" act. Lucky for Sam, he knows of one sure way to convince her….
Would you believe that I have had this book on my shelf since it came out??Yes since it came out my loves and I'm only just now reading it.  It's been over a decade; I got this when I was just finishing up my first college degree and holy cow. this has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust.  When I made my new years resolution to read more of my books I had this and 4 other books that I have had since high school and college on my mind and it's crucial now that I read them; this is embarrassing.

Anyway onto the review.  This is a romance with a female character who is repressed because she had to grow up fast when she was a child to help take care of her sibling and herself due to her mother being an immature woman.  Her father split when she was young and she vowed she would only deal with stable men, because you know it's not like some people are single because of life it's because they choose bad partners. (sarcasm)   This was the first thing that bothered me about her, hell it bothered her friends and family.   And they would call her on it too, but she's too stubborn to hear them.

She's had a life plan and she's following it, because she doesn't want to end up like her mother but when her 'stable' boyfriend that comes from money finds out she's pregnant he splits and she's right where she said she would never be.  *so much for that plan*  The whole time she was dating she had a crush on Sam but she takes his on air personality to heart and decided he's not the guy she needs. I felt she didn't look beyond the surface at him at all.  She never gave him a chance to be more than the on air jockey and I loved how he would use that against her several times to let her know she's a bit self centered and things she knows it all.   When we find out Sam's back story we realize they both has similar circumstances and his reaction was to never settle down because he no longer wanted responsibilities.

The story had it's moments like when she started to learn to let go, and she would have fun with Sam.  She had good friendships with her sister, but her friend Jaz went past the boundaries sometimes and she never set her straight.  I loved the miscommunication that led her to fall in like with a letter writer;  funny how she was willing to accept that part of the man but never expect it to come from who it really was .  I loved how Sam loved her, he's way better than she deserves in my opinion.  He knew her way better than she knew him.  He knew she was more complex than her personality was shown on their show;  he knew her favorite things and he went out of his way to make her feel at ease.

Their romantic moments were sweet and Sam's desperate plan on her date night was hilarious.  I enjoyed the story mostly because of him.  Tabitha sometimes just didn't do it for me and I happen to love that name so it was a bummer.  I know her past made her a little cautious but she would make comments in her head at times that made me give her the side eye.  Yes her mother sucked, but her immaturity in dealing with her own pregnancy and acting as if it wasn't real, her stupid plans and her ideas about relationships weren't fully formed or mature.  Considering she was all about plans she should have had back up and contingency plans and to act as if she was better than those other women really made me sneer.  I get she was scared and didn't want to deal with it, it wasn't in her plan but anybody who is in a serious relationship should know that no matter the 'baby proofing' you've done NOTHING IS A HUNDRED PERCENT.

It's still a cute story, I would have liked it better if she wasn't so hell bent on being right all the time and a whole lot judgmental.  It was funny when Sam turned that one her by making his point on air and their audience called and let her have it.
If you're in the mood for a romance centered around music and the morning DJs definitely check this out.  Just know Tabitha takes a while to get used to.  And of course, 
Happy Reading my loves, 

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