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Book #Review: Stone Cold Surrender (Westmoreland 4) by Brenda Jackson .@AuthorBJackson

Book Title: Stone Cold Surrender (Westmoreland 4)
Author:  Brenda Jackson |Website| TwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Genre: Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook, Mass Market
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 192
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: July 23, 2004
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Stone Westmoreland had an eye for the ladies. And charm that never failed. He was an experienced player who played for keeps. So who would have guessed that prim and proper Madison Winters could rattle his nerves without even trying? She had him feeling all protective, and all sexed up, too. Before he knew it, Stone had volunteered to help Madison find her mother, who’d gone missing in the mountains.

Stone was willing to play the knight in shining armor, but only if it meant the hard days of trekking through the wilderness would result in the ultimate payoff–passion-filled nights under the Montana starlit sky with the delectable Miss Winters….
It's another of the Westmoreland Clan stories and I'm glad to be back in this world.  Although it relied heavily on Corey's story it was still a good story to read about them.  Stone is a famous author of the Westmoreland Clan, he's on his way to unwind  on his Uncles secluded mountain, post book publication. Madison is a teacher on summer break, and she's on a mission, her mother has run off recently and she needs to make sure she's okay.  They meet on the flight because Madison is afraid of flying and Stone helps to calm her down.  From there our story unfolds and boy what a story we get.

My favorite character is Stone because he's so set on not falling in love because he didn't want to lose himself in any relationship as his friends have.  As he goes down the path of love he tries to justify why he's acting like he is and keeps telling himself he's just being a good guy as if it's not love. Madison is here to find her upstanding staid mother who went on vacation with friends and never returned. She has gotten messages stating her mother is okay but this woman who is leaving the messages can't possibly be the woman who has raised her whole life.

As I was reading I kept asking myself what kind of person is so deeply involved in their parent's lives. Like girl back up and let your mother live, she's told you she is doing ok and yes it might be out of the ordinary for her but she's a grown woman trying to have some fun. Just because you don't know her to live like this doesn't mean she didn't get down when she was younger.  I can't imagine trying to tell my mama that because my father passes she has to remain a lonely widow because that's what I'm comfortable with, I can totally hear that conversation now and it wouldn't go well for me. Not.At. all!!

When Stone discovers that the man Madison is looking for is his Uncle he decides to run interference and keep Madison occupied for a while. In doing this they take the time to get to know each other and it's funny reading the parallels that their love stories run on. Except for this time, Madison doesn't have a family telling her what to do.  I liked that this couple has a second chance at love, it's sad that Corey has lived his whole life loving this one woman and never had the fulfilling life that she went on to have. She married and had a child and her family and career where he was left to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still succeeded in his career and was a fantastic Uncle to his siblings' children but having made the decision to love only once he wasn't able to have the family he deserved.

As the story progresses missed opportunities come to light and way more people end up on Corey's Mountain than were truly expected. And it was great seeing where the connections that come about in later books come from.  It's sad that people make decisions that benefit them but hurt so many others in the long run especially children.  But I guess we make the best choices we can at the moment and hope that the fall out isn't as deep as we fear.

I loved that this is a second chance romance along with a chance to learn from the past for another couple.  it's a sweet look at how our decisions affect even those we don't' know about. I really loved the story and can't wait to dive in deeper with the newest members of the family.
I hope you like meeting and falling in love with another of the Westmoreland Clan. Happy Reading my loves, 

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