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ARC Book #Review: Rugged Texas Cowboys by Lora Leigh

Book Title:  Rugged Texas Cowboy (
Author:  Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher:   St. Martin's Press
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Format: ebook, mass market
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 304
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bookstore
Publication Date December 5, 2017
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Two HOT cowboys. Two tough-as-spurs heroines. These two previously published, newly revised and expanded, smoking hot stories by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh will leave readers breathless and begging for more!

Melina is one of two gorgeous twin daughters, the clever and considerate one who always spared her parents the humiliation of what her sister Maria had wrought. But now, Melina is finally ready to stand up for herself and seize control of her life?until she is kidnapped by a cowboy, named Jardin, who is dead-set on settling the score with her family. There’s only one catch: In capturing Melina, this tough, rough, hunk of a man has actually found a way to unleash her greatest fantasies, body and soul.
. .
Beautiful, spirited Angel Manning has always longed to experience the power of her ancestors’ most precious heirloom. Her mother once told her that the legendary Irish torque would lead Angel to the one man worthy of possessing her heart. But when Angel learns that her father, now a widower, has sold the torque to the notorious two-timer Jack Riley, she is furious. Of course she plans to take back what is rightfully hers, by whatever means necessary. But the fate of the ancient Druids works in mysterious ways. . .Could it be that this slick, smooth-talking cowboy was destined to satisfy Angel’s deepest desires all along?
These two stories are interconnected because the men owned a business together and they took part in a job that almost got them killed. When faced with their demise they survived and Jardin seeks revenge on the woman he believes set him up, and Jack seeks out a new job in a place further from home.  In doing so both men meet the women they are fated to fall in love with. Jack's story which is the second one starts off in the UK and has quite a bit of legend & magic with it, causing the heroine to have to go after him when he leaves her historic home with a piece of her legacy.

Jardin goes after Melinda as he believes her to be the woman who set him up. Melinda has spent her whole life being the good daughter hoping that by doing so she will win her parents affections. It hasn't worked in all these years but habits are hard to break and when faced with serious consequences she doesn't know who she can turn to.

Cowboy & The Captive 3.5 Stars

This is extremely erotic, this was also very soap opera like.  Once you get moving you were sucked in. It moved pretty quickly I laughed pretty loudly as I worked my way through it.  I really loved that despite her fear Melinda challenged Jardin when she needed to.

Another of the reasons I loved this story had to do with the friends from other stories that made appearances in the story as well. There were moments when the story took turns I wasn't happy with including when Jardin threatened her not too long after kidnapping her. Also, their first few minutes of conversation after she woke, like bruh?!! WTF, how do you greet someone like that.  However, once consent and the boundaries were negotiated??!!! Then the story really flowed.

I also was hesitant about his mode of distraction. I'm freaking out from a nightmare and this is how you comfort me?? Also, Melinda was way too nice because no effing way was I going to be doing any of that shyt even if you are my twin sister.  You lost your damn mind. And her parents have some goddarn nerve asking that of her, how did you expect her twin to grow or learn??

At the end of this, I understand why her brother set this up, but he also took a big risk with her life.  Considering how great her brother is I would love to see his story. I believe it would round this out nicely.

Cowboy & The Theif 4 Stars

This story was very funny, and fun along with being very fast paced.  I really enjoyed the touch of mystery and magic. I really enjoyed the legend part of the story as this becomes the basis for why Angel must become the thief.  These two were on fire and I loved how they battled each other. This one really focused in on just these two characters, rarely was another seen. They certainly took up a lot of time. I loved how they battled and that she didn't make it easy on him. 

Angel knew her limits and when faced with being kicked over the edge tried to be sane, until he made the same moves with her. I loved it. It showed how faith in a thing matters just as much as love does. 

While I understand why the men felt the way they did about almost dying, revenge only works if you get the right person.  I wanted to yell at Jardin several times as he was willing to believe everyone else but Melinda. The stories were very erotic and unfolded quickly with each having their own little mysteries along the way. I enjoyed the reads and would recommend.
Have you indulged in a rugged cowboy?? Share in the comments down below and of course Happy Reading my loves, 

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