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ARC Book #Review: The Hookup (The Jordan Brothers 1) by Erin McCarthy .@authorerin .#TheHookup #NetGalley

Book Title: The Hook Up (Jordan Brothers 1)
Author:  Erin McCarthy|WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher:  Loveswept/ Random House
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Series/Standalone: Series Book 1
Format: ebook
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 218
How I got it: NetGalley
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Publication Date: May 8,2018
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Is there an equation for the perfect hookup? Turns out it’s a lot more complicated than one plus one. . . .

Sophie: Numbers are my comfort zone, which explains why my sex life is a big fat zero. Then again, if I’m smart enough to earn a PhD, why can’t I calculate a way to get a guy into bed, just to see what all the fuss is about? With my prima donna sister, Bella, getting married in Maine, I figure her wedding is the perfect opportunity for my little experiment. And Cain Jordan seems hot enough—he’s certainly drunk enough—to show me what I’ve been missing. Judging by the body of evidence, it’s a lot. . . .

Cain: Being stuck in the same town as my lying SOB twin brother, Christian—who may or may not be the father of the son I’m not allowed to see—is a hell of a reason to drink myself silly after the lobster boat docks each day. Any port in a storm . . . But Sophie’s different. She doesn’t play around. And she’s becoming a habit I don’t want to break. Because the smartest woman I’ve ever met is also the sexiest—and the only one who makes me want to change.

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I went into this one as always blind beyond knowing that the author is an auto-buy for me. I absolutely loved this one.  The characters were well written, complex, broken and hurting in so many ways.  Sophie is a genius obsessed with numbers and her way to a Ph.D. in math, she's, however, struggling with OCD and social anxiety issues. I both loved and hated her sister Bella because she was a good sister and a terrible sister at the same time, she pushed Sophie to embrace life instead of hiding with her books and totally had her back but at times she aided in Sophie's awkwardness by putting her on the spot.  As we were reading I wanted to know more about Bella, and why Christian was such a terrible brother. I was hooked and I laughed, teared up and rooted for them throughout the whole book.

Sophie is on vacation in Maine for her sister's wedding and while there she's hoping to get a few things checked off the bucket list, she's hoping that her anxiety won't knock her out before she accomplishes her goal. Cain is a local who has been hurt and betrayed in the worst way possible and he's drinking his way into an early grave.  He's not looking for more than a hook-up when he comes across Sophie.

I identified with Sophie more than I did Cain although I understand why he is the way he is.  I totally get Sophie's sense of awkwardness and social anxiety. She's smart yet being smart and out of sync with the crowd is something I can totally understand.  I also admire her because despite being awkward she's going out of her comfort zone to get what she wants.  With friends, I'm great with strangers?? Lost cause.  With that in mind, I loved them hanging out in Cain's home and around town together because this was way more relaxing for them both.

There are some really great moments in the story including their meet-cute because Sophie is way too literal, she totally reminds me of Brennan from Bones and I lol'd during their conversation because too cute.  I loved Sophie's inner monologue as she decides she likes the look of him.  My least favorite moment also happened in a bar, I totally knew the feelings Sophie was having as the scene went down and kept wanting to scream that it wasn't fear and yet I felt her heartbreaking as well.  Oh my gosh, it was so painful to read.  This book ran the gambit of emotions for me, I loved it, I laughed, I was totally turned on by their moments, and I understood their pain.  I was so invested in their story. I was afraid of what the ending could be because I wasn't sure about Cain, but for me, Bella's actions weren't a surprise I mean really.

In this, even the secondary characters were pretty well done since they didn't have a POV in the story we didn't get their motivations for their actions it made the story more real because in reality we never really know why people do the things they do.  I did love the POV of Cain andSophiee though, especially Sophie because she was just as honest with herself as she was with Cain.  She was pretty raw and real, she was so confident in so many things and like many of us doubting in outers.  This story was sadly way too believeable in some aspects especially int he sense of betrayal because way too many people don't respect boundaries.

I highly recommend it for lovers of romance and finding our place stories.
Happy Reading my loves, 

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