Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Lora Leigh Reading Challenge:

Updated as of February 2017:

I would like to read the two major series by Lora Leigh that I have on my shelves. I have read several of the books within each series as I own several books from all her series; I thought this would be a great way to motivate myself to get reading and to catch all the way up.  Down below are the books in each series that I wish to read.  As you will see I have over 17 that I need to read *that is the count so far for all the ones I own, I'm still checking my shelves to see if there are any hidden gems as well*
The Breed Series:
Reading Order From LoraLeigh.com
Blue - Have the book  *will skip until I can get a used copy somewhere  Recently Purchased
  • Tempting the Beast *not available*  ✔ Jan
  • The Man Within *same* ✔ Jan
  • Elizabeth’s Wolf ✔ Dec 2016
  • Temporarily not available - 4) Kiss of Heat  *same* ✔ Jan
  • Temporarily not available - 5) Soul Deep *same* ✔ Jan
  • The Breed Next Door ✔ Jan
  • Megan’s Mark LIBRARY ✔ Feb
  • Harmony’s Way  ✔ Jan 
  • Tanner’s Scheme -✔ Jan 
  • Wolfe’s Hope - ✔ Feb
  • Jacob’s Faith ✔ Mar
  • Aiden’s Charity 
  • In a Wolf’s Embrace (in Beyond the Dark anthology)
  • Dawn’s Awakening -
  •  A Jaguar’s Kiss (in Shifter anthology) 
  • Mercury’s War -
  • Christmas Heat (The Magical Christmas Cat anthology) Dec 2016
  • Coyotes Mate.
  • Christmas Kiss,  (HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS anthology)
  • Bengals Heart
  • Lions Heat
  • Styx's Storm-
  • Primal Kiss in the Primal Anthology- 
  •  Navarro's Promise LIBRARY 
  •  An Inconvenient Mate (Tied with a Bow anthology)- 
  • Lawe's Justice- .LIBRARY
  • Stygian's Honor -
  • Rule Breaker:
  • Bengal’s Quest: 
  • Enthralled: The Devils Due: What’s Gideon been up to?
Other Books Not Apart of the Breeds series:

Black Jack
Nauti Intentions
Nauti Deceptions
Nauti & Wild

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