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Book #Review: Nightshade (Night Tales 3) by Nora Roberts

Book Title: Nightshade (Night Tales 3)
Author: Nora Roberts |WebsiteFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin Intimate Moments
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series/Standalone: Series Book 3
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Cost: $3.50
Pages: 248
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Purchase:  Publisher
Publication Date: November 1993
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They sure were making cops in interesting packages these days. Colt Nightshade couldn't believe his luck partnering on a case with Lieutenant Althea Grayson. But the breathtaking detective was strictly by-the-book and had no use for Colt's easygoing renegade style. Thawing the heart of this enticing ice goddess just might be the toughest challenge Colt had ever faced.
I really enjoyed this one.  It's the first time I fell into the series., which it turns out I actually own all of them.  I'm going to go enjoy those in next month's reading list.  So this is an older book and you can definitely tell. I always say books are like time capsules of our culture, because this one showcases the fact that we used have no problem with smoking in our communities and in our homes.

Also seen within is the discussion of payphones, using beepers and even just the talk about cars.  I loved reading this because so many of these things existed within my childhood, but it's funny to me there are children who will never haven known these things existed that have been born today, like how wild is that??

Now onto the actually review of the story,I really enjoyed reading this one as I think there were shadows of Eve Dallas very much present in Althea, this was of course written well before Dallas even existed but the strength of character, the need for law and order, the back story, there are all there and that made me like Thea.  I love Thea because she is what Eve needs to grow into, she is super confident in her role as LT, in her role as friend and in her role as woman.  She hasn't let a lot of people into her life but the ones she has she loves deeply with.  I loved how she was willing to explore the attraction she has with Nightshade on her own terms, I love that she was a little freaked out my the strength of her feelings and I love that she was still strong in her convictions despite feeling the need to be with Nightshade.

I love Colt's sense of humor, how sarcastically witty he was and that of the two he was the most willing to really just run with his feelings.  I love how he knew to back down from pushing Thea and yet he was willing to learn to move around her walls and take care of her.  She pushed back when he pushed too hard, and the two of them together were so funny and fun to read.   There are moments when he realizes what he feels isn't enough and that he needs to care more about her and comes to those conclusions every quickly.  I loved how he wanted to be her hero but understood that she was her own hero and that she was pretty badass on her own.  And I loved that he knew to compliment her on it.

Now the subject matter of the book includes a tough case dealing with runaways and trafficking and it's sad to realize that this isn't new, it's just more high tech now.  I loved how Nora made it plain that while the character made a bad decision to runaway in a fit of temper that everything that happened after wasn't her fault.  I loved that even in describing the horrors of it she didn't feel the need to over describe it or tried to make it more horrifying, i really think just letting us imagine what happened is worse.  I also appreciate how the SANE Dr and nurse where written about.  I liked that this is even in this time that the book was written it was a therapy positive book.

All in all a pretty good read, I was engaged & it just flew by before I knew it the book was ending and I'm curious enough about the other characters to go read the rest of the series.
Have you read this?? How do you feel about books from a different decade?? I hope you enjoy the books you are reading and thanks for stopping by.  Happy Reading

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