Monday, January 2, 2017

17 Books I'm Anticipating in 2017

Good Morning my loves,  how are you doing?? Me, I'm jumping in excitement over the following 17 books that are coming out this year. Most of them I've already pre-ordered because they are too awesome not to.  If you have other books that you think I should be on the look out for share down below and we can fangirl together:

Brave by Tammara Webber   Dates Unknown (Contours of The Heart Book )
Another addition in the awesome series by Tammara, I loved Easy so much and fell in love with her writing and I can't even begin to explain how much I'm looking forward to this book. I'm so ready for this book.

Riveted (Saints of Denver 3) by Jay Crownover. Feb 14th Grrl, you know I pre-ordered this the second the link went up right?? No hesitation, I have yet to be disappointed in a Jay book so yeah, basically this one was mine the second she said we could have it.

Salvaged (Saints of Denver 4)  June 20th Man listen it's the hot nerds' book.  Get out my way chick I need this.

Long Way Home by Katie McGarry.  Jan 31st No surprises here, I've been loving on Katie ever since I fell in love with Noah and Echo. My love for young adult comes from her and Susan Colasanti.  These two ladies make reading the genre fun, and I can't wait to explore more from Katie, now if we could only get more from the Pushing the Limits series I would be a happy fangiil.

The Rising by Heather Graham & Jon Land Jan 17th I almost screamed when I saw this. When I met Jon two years ago,  he mentioned that he would be working with Heather on a book and it's finally freaking here!!! By time you see this it will be in my hands just 14 days later ahhhhh!!

Wake A Sleeping Tiger (Breeds 31) by Lora Leigh March 30
I'm so excited to see that this is a continuing series.  I can't wait to read this book (damn this is 31 books??) . I'm loving the breed series so far and I'm really interested in seeing where this is going.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds Date Unknown
No cover is provided yet. This is going to be a book in prose talking about the street violence. I can't wait to read this.

Echoes In Death by JD Robb 02/07
Goddamn I can't catch up, she's writing too many, I'm loving it though Eve and Roarke re two of my favorite people to read.  I can't wait to finally catch up.

Secrets In Death by JD Robb 08/07 No Cover Yet
It's another book in Eve's life, I'm so excited. She'll always be on my lists every year until this is a done series.   Just be aware.

Wired by Julie Garwood 05/22  The newest in the Buchanan-Renard series, this is the 13th installment and I can't wait to get this into my hands. I thought this was coming out in 2016 but it apparently not, either way I can't wait to get into new one.

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrum  02/07 This is the second book by this author. I loved LOVED his debut work from last year.

Roman by Sawyer Bennett 02/21
I love dipping in and out  of this series, I'm so excited to jump into Roman's book and seeing how it plays out.

Safe Bet by Monica Murphy 02/21
I'm excited to get this book I loved LOVED all the books in this series and I can't wait to come back to it and read and see all of the characters that I love and really get lost in Monica's world.

Ever My Love by Lynn Kurland 04/04/17
I can't believe I didn't realize Lynn was still writing.  I can't believe she has been writing all this time and I didn't know. Girl I have so many books to read to catch up. This was one of my favorite time traveling series. I can't wait to get this in my hands and read it all.

Wicked Cowboy Charm by Carolyn Brown Jan 31st
Another down home cowboy contemporary story. Yeah I'm here for it.

Law & Disorder by Heather Graham 1/2017  It's Heather, she had to be on this list.  And that's that.

So many of my favorites aren't publishing this year, nothing coming out from Brenda Jackson, or any of the other major romance writers that I normally have on this list. However,  we gotta make sure we check in again later in the year maybe they will come out with something by then.   Most of these are coming out in the first half of the year.

What are you looking forward to in the beginning of the year?? What are your authors coming out with.  Share in the comments down below

Thanks for much for sharing and I will see you tomorrow

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