Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Book Challenges: The Perpetual Reading Challenge

My goal this year is once again 365 books. Will I get there?? Goddess only knows, probably not, I haven't gotten close to my goal for he pas few years, however I'm hoping this year I can get back on my reading since I'm no longer in school and have the time, I just have to get my schedule set up so I can read and man oh man it's going to be on and popping.

Here are some of the challenges I'm looking forward to reading for:

JD Robb Perpetual Challenge

My List To Read:
  • Calculated In Death
  • Thankless  In Death
  • Concealed In Death
  • Festive In Death
  • Obsession In Death
  • Devoted In Death
  • Brotherhood In Death
  • Apprentice In Death
  • Echos In Death Coming 2017
  • Secrets In Death  Coming 2017
  • Interlude
  • Big Jack
  • Haunted
  • Eternity
  • Ritual
  • Missing
  • Possession
  • Chaos
  • Taken 
  • Wonderment

Christine Feehan Challenge:
This isn't a challenge everyone else is participating in; it's just an attempt to clean up my books that I own from Christine.  I caught up on the Dark series; I only have to read the newest one which just came out, now I have all the others that I'm trying to catch up on.  

Ghost Hunter Series:
  1. Shadow Game
  2. Mind Game
  3. Night Game
  4. Conspiracy Game
  5. Deadly Game
  6. Predatory Game
  7. Murder Game
  8. Street Game
  9. Ruthless Game
  10. Samurai Game
  11. Viper Game
  12. Spider Game
My next challenge is to read the catalogue of Brenda Jackson.  I have most of the Westmoreland Series on my shelves and I want to get them read this yer and work my way through all the other books by her that I own and haven't read yet.  

I know I personally own close to 75 books by her, but she's written like 200, so I want to get started on reading them, I know she will be on this perpetual list for a few years and I'm okay with that. Because there are so many books I'm going to link instead to her webpage with her Bibliography.  

These are just some of the challenges I'm taking part in this year. And You?? Oh there are going to be even more challenges I will be signing up for.  Let's share in the comments so we can continue to motivate each other.  Happy Reading and good luck with your goals this year my loves.  

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