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Book Title: Bang Shift Series: Hunter ( Book Two)
Author:  Mandy Harbin |Website| TwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Mandolin Park
Genre: Romance Erotic Suspense
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook
Cost: $3.99
How I got it: Publisher via the Blog Tour Company
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: March 24th, 2015
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The second book in the Bang Shift Series. After finally getting out of her disastrous relationship, Maya Carmichael has sworn off all bad boys. Sure they’re hot. The attitude? No thanks. But when her car is vandalized while on a night out with her roommate, she realizes her ex is truly sadistic. Her friend insists they lay low for a few days while the cops do their thing. Unfortunately her temporary haven will throw her in the path of another bad boy. Oh, she’s heard stories about her roommate’s brother, Hunter, and he’s just the type she wants to avoid. Until she sees him … and all good intentions fly out of her busted windshield. Hunter Anderson might be the easygoing jokester within the Bang Shift crew–the small Arkansas town’s mechanics and the government’s secret mercenaries—but underneath his lighthearted exterior lurks demons of a past he’d love nothing more than to forget. Working on cars and taking the occasional contracted mission help, but he fears nothing will stop his past from coming back to haunt him. No one has tried penetrating the façade to get to the real person below. No one, until Maya. The attraction is undeniable, but there’s more to Hunter than he can ever let on, and for Maya, this hot distraction makes it easy to forget the real danger she’s in. It has nothing to do with losing her heart to him. When really it has everything to do with just that.
I enjoyed reading this story, the female characters were witty and fun and I totally got Maya's desire to stay away from bad boys.  Hunter was a pretty cool character to read and I enjoyed his interaction with Maya and the way they thought about each other.  I read this in about two days and I couldn't wait until I could get back into it, because the characters were so funny.

I will say that this is a second book in the series and you can tell because the characters make reference to each other all the time & it's presumed you know who they are,  Characters from the first book visit in this one and for a moment in the beginning I swore Xan was a man ( I blame Most Popular Girls in School or MPGIS on YouTube look it up you'll love it), it took re-reading a few sentences to realize nope Xan's a woman..oops. Anyway, the book can be read as a standalone, it does however have a lot of spoilers for the first book so if you haven't read the first it might be best to do so.

Hunter is a mechanic at Bang Shift Garage and he and the men he works with are all members of a special team used by the government when they don't want their hands to be seen in the mix. Hunter's' younger sister Heather comes home with a friend, Maya, who's running from her ex Jake, who is doing the most to get back at her for leaving him.  I loved his inner monologue because really he sounded like a real person, and it made me laugh a bit when he tried to dodge certain subjects.

As the story progresses we realize Jake is more than a spoiled a**hat who doesn't know what No means.  Maya has been burnt by one too many bad boys and their bad behavior, which looks so sexy in the beginning; so she's sworn off all the bad boys, but why can't she seem to ignore Heather's brother?? He's the baddest of the bad and she wants no part of the trouble he's got going on, but his smile draws her in and holy moly that body.  Maya's inner monologue is so funny, she had me cracking up a few times because she sounded so real and grounded.  I loved how she would try to calm herself down when she was thinking way too far ahead.  it was awesome.

Sometimes the story isn't what we think it is and what's black and white on paper has many shades of gray in reality.  Hunter and his friends make some logical conclusions that made Hunter strike out and say some seriously hurtful words ( personally I would have to hit him back twice as hard before we could call it even, but hey I'm mean like that).  I loved the way the two characters were written, they were witty together and alone and they really burnt up the pages when they got near enough to do so.I loved that Maya wanted to be strong but also tried not to get in the way because I hate characters who risk their lives unnecessarily to just prove they are as smart or better than the hero.

I totally didn't see the conclusions coming and for a second was on the same page as Hunter but then no sir, still not ok to say what he said.  I totally loved the glimpses of Roxie, Xan and Brody we got and I can't wait to read the first book and get to know them as their own characters.  I loved the flow and speed of the story which moved quickly once the ground work was laid out for you.

This series kinda reminded me of Julie Walker's Black Knight's Inc, series which features special ops men in a bike garage, and I love that series, so this series is now right up there for me.  I can't wait until the third one comes out, I see so many potential love stories and I want them in my hands like asap.
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