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Stacking The Shelves (March 2015) (7) Part Two

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! If you want to find out more about Stacking The Shelves, please visit the official launch page!

I used the library quite a bit these last few weeks and they haven't disappointed me yet, they have almost all of the books I've been dying to read and they got them in fast. Here are the ones I've picked up since last week, thankfully our library has a generous turn around time and you have two times to renew before you have t bring them back and then wait 20 mins to take them back out. LOL ( yeah I know all the rules, I used to live in the library for a few summers).

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen One of my anticipated titles of the year Sarah's second book in the Waverly Family Saga is sure to be amazing.  But the price is kinda steep for a cheapo like me so library it is.

Complete Me ( Stark Book 3) by J Kenner This is the last book in the series and I just want to be done, nothing wrong with the series but I have waaay too many uncompleted series just hanging around. Time to finish them. 

The Vincent Briters by Abbi Glines I own the second book in this duo and I wanted to read it.  I can't seem to find this one in the stores or on any of the outlet sites so library it is.  

Sylvia Day's Ask For It (Georgian Book 1) These are some of the few titles by Sylvia I haven't read yet and because I'm trying to cut back on book buying (ha!) I picked these up at the local library.  If they are worth a re-read I'll purchase them for my shelves.

Sylvia Day's Passion For Him ( Georgian Book 3) I had started reading this series when I had Scribd but once I cancelled the service I couldn't go back and finish these books so, here I am thank the gods for the library. 

Scandalous Liaisons It's Sylvia Day, that's all. I got it so I can know if I should add it to my collection.  here's hoping it's as good as the rest of her catalog.

Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardians Book 1) by Sylvia Day. Yeah Yeah I know it's like almost her entire catalog, but like I said, I want to be sure it's worth it.  

In The Flesh Lidia Dare ( Sylvia Day writing as ) Yeppers, another Sylvia book, same excuse. LOL

I had to have another of Carolyn Brown's works, I haven't seen anything new in stores so I figured, I have already read two books out of the quartet and actually own the arc of the fourth so finish this series up with this on which is book three Cowboy's Mail Order Bride ((Cowboys & Brides 3)


Take Me if You Dare by Nina Crespo.  Got this one from my newsletter, it was the freebie of the week.  Make sure to sign up with newsletters from companies because free books are totally worth it.

Shattered Promise by Jessica Sorenson was free this weekend on Amazon (not sure if it still is, I found it by accident last night and scooped it).

The One You Want Gena Showalter is one of my go to authors and she had this book up for free (another I found by accident). I have no idea what it's about Gena wrote it so I got it.

Dark Promises by Julia Crane I've love Julia's writing for a while so when I went looking to finish  The Coexist series I was happy to see this one for free. It's book one in another series she wrote and I figured I can't go wrong with a known author and free book.


Given to the Pack by Abby Weeks. This is an impulse purchase that I think I'm going to regret.  I was in the mood for a nice menage when this popped up on my Goodreads feed, someone I liked gave the entire series a great review but I'm about half way into it and I'm thinking I'm never trusting their reviews again.  This book is full of what the fuckery?? If Amazon would let you return once you started reading this bitch would go back and I would demand my 0.99c back.


Every Move She Makes by Jannine Gallant, received as part of a blog tour event happening at the end of the month. I actually already read this and I can't wait for y'all to read it it was actually really good.

Death & Desire by P.H. Turner.   This is also apart of the blog tour happening at the end of the month. Oh how I missed mystery books, and these just hit the spot.  

Yeah I got way more than I should have, but thankfully most of it was free so the book buying slowdown hasn't been a complete fail.  Next week though?? Yeah I already know it's sugar ton of books and I'm so excited to show y'all.  Check out what I hauled last week, Waiting on Wednesday

What's you get?? Anything fun, share your links and I'll swing by.Happy Haulin'

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