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Book #Review: Every Move She Makes .@JannineGallant .@LyricalPress

Book Title: Every Move She Makes (Who's Watching Now Book 1)
Author: Jannine Gallant |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Kensington/Lyrical Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series/Standalone: Series Book 1
Format: ebook, 
Cost: $3.99
Pages: 322
How I got it: Publisher
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Publication Date: March 31
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No matter where she goes, he knows her every move… Long ago, Rachel Carpenter was a glamorous soap star. She gave it all up to move to Napa Valley with her daughters to open up a bookstore near her family vineyard. Her life is safe and dependable, until she encounters Kane Lafferty at a wilderness camp in the rugged High Sierra. A burned-out police detective struggling with his own demons, Kane is instantly attracted to Rachel. And like Rachel, he isn’t sure if he’s ready to open up his heart. But everything is about to change… Someone is watching from the darkness. A fanatic obsessed with Rachel for years has decided to claim what he believes is his. It will be up to Kane to not only protect his new love and her family, but to uncover the identity of the stalker before it’s too late for all of them…

I was pleasantly surprised in reading this book, I picked it up because it sounded intriguing but you never really know when going into a new author how it's going to work out.  I was hooked I didn't want to put it down it's been a while since I read a good romantic suspense and I'm loving it so much.  It's a series so I'm going to be following it as long as she writes great books,

When I went into the book I was thinking this is going to be a good romance, but it was also an amazing mystery.  I kept trying to figure out based on the clues she gave us who the stalker was and I was so certain I was  right that when it happened I was like Wait What the What??!!! LOl it was worth that moment because well everything was laid out a bit differently than the actual answer.

I loved that the relationship took it's time to build, & the characters remained true to themselves throughout the novel.  I really enjoyed how the progression took place, and that they admitted that it was fast tracked because of the circumstances, they admitted that they wanted more but the love word didn't come up for a while and I can't tell you how refreshing it was to read a good romance that builds instead of diving in right away.  (not that I don't love those too).  I really loved how each character was written and felt really happy when we met Rachel's friends and saw her life, because as she said her life was great, it would be enhanced by a happy relationship but her kids and her life came first and I just loved that!!

I will say that I got extremely emotional and attached to the characters. I freaked out when our lead Rachel had her too stupid to live moment and I wanted to kick her butt severally.  Her daughters were a riot and I loved her sister Gracie, I was really happy to see a sisterly relationship that was fun and supportive instead of being a train wreck.  I loved her family as well and I loved the relationships she had with her in laws.  It felt realistic and I loved how even though they didn't always get along Rachel still made an effort to make her relationships work.

I would to know what happens to Lark because really my mother freaked out and I was a whole grown woman when I got mine. I want to know if Lark is still a brat or did she grow the heck up.  I want to know about Rose as well. When Rachel had her TSTL moment and I was having mild coronary, I kept yelling at the kindle because it was so good. I was so invested and wanted the best for them.  It's highly emotional moment and I'm glad Kane knew it and was willing to do whatever was necessary to make Rachel happy.

The world building was done well,m the mystery carried off excellently and the romance just beautiful.  I loved how you felt this could be happening without it being too far out of this world.  I'm hoping that we get a story from Gracie, and it would be awesome to the children grown up.  I really enjoyed reading Jannine's writing and I'm looking forward to the other books.
I Highly recommend if you love a good mystery and a great romance.  Have you read this one yet??
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