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Erotic Book #Review: Honor Bound (Knights of the Boardroom) by .@JoeyWHill

Book Title: Honor Bound (Knights of the Boardsroom)
Author:  Joey W Hill |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 134
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: Feb 2013
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Bestselling author Joey W. Hill reveals the erotic bond between a Master and the beautiful submissive who stole his heart. Recapturing their night of unparalleled passion won’t be easy—but love won’t be denied… Peter Winston is a successful business man and a captain in the National Guard. On the night before his second tour in Afghanistan, he and his partners at Kensington & Associates head out to enjoy an upscale BDSM club. While the evening begins with laughter and whiskey, it takes a sharp turn when Peter, a sexual Dominant, sets his eyes on a beautiful masked submissive… Army Sergeant Dana Smith doesn’t often seek the shelter of a man, but being Peter’s gives her a welcome sense of sanctuary. What begins as a night of fantastic pleasure becomes something they hope will never end. But duty calls, and it will be over a year before they can see each other again. And when they do, things have drastically changed. Severely injured in the line of duty, Dana has lost her sight and her will to live. But Peter doesn’t accept defeat in business, battle or love. With the talents of the other K&A males, he’ll set the stage for another special night for them, knowing that only a submissive’s willingness to trust her Master will bring her back to love and life again.
I have been having a great reading month and part of that is because of this story; I really loved this story.  The characters felt real, they had great conversations, I loved how down to earth they felt; & how genuine they seemed.  I loved how Peter and the group got along, how much like brothers they seemed from the way they ragged on each other to how they rallied to support him.

Dana to me felt very real, funny, sarcastic, scared but bold, she felt like a well written woman should. Even though she's suffered she's still pushing herself and in one perfect night she gets so much of what she wants. Dana meets the perfect Dom who like her is having one last night of fun before they go off to perform their duty in the military, it's very erotic, wet, and holy smokes are they hot together.
                                           "Well, seeing as I'm a captain, I outrank you."

I really loved how steamy & erotic their scene was, how intimate their moments leading up to the full scene and later on when we glimpse Peter's letter and see how they affect her, it's just awesome to read.

For me this book was very emotional, I knew I loved Peter in those first few moments when he came home and the guys were all there waiting in his home and his reaction was everything.  Also I laughed at his inner monologue when he first sees Dana and he truly has a raw moment of thought.  I personally enjoyed the fact that this was written kind of the way a black author would have written it, Dana is black, her blackness wasn't written in a way that made her exotic for being black, nor was it used to make fun of her in anyway. She's just black and a submissive and the fact that she's being doing this for a while are all that matters.  And I love everything about the fact that she's owned this part of herself for so long.

I, as a black woman who is going blind (eventually) can totally relate to Dana's sense of disillusionment.  So much of how we are can be tied to our self image and to know our grasp of the world will change based on the loss of one of our most important senses?? Especially as a woman that's scary to know you'll be even more vulnerable, and need to rely on humans being good to not end up in some deep shyt.  I loved when Peter challenged her and made her confront her ideas of who she as now and who she could be again.  He didn't cater to her and yet he still looked out for her and that was beautiful.

"If you're falling, trust me to catch you, Sergeant."

Their bond was amazingly beautiful to read, not because it seemed perfect but because it was flawed and messy and still perfect for them.  I couldn't get enough of their conversations and how much they connected.  I loved that as a Dom Peter was fierce but fair, and even though her decision was one made a service woman, she still disobeyed and he took her to task for it.  And even that was fun to read.

She was broken into a hundred pieces, and couldn't see to pick any of them up. But he could see every one of them. He would figure out how to bring them back together. Pressing his face into the side of her head, he squeezed his lids tight, not wanting to let unmanly tears fall when her screams became sobs, a keening wail of pain.

I really enjoyed this story especially because I read the finale in this series years ago and know how they all end up but it's good to read the small building blocks that make the great stories we have.  While I know this is fiction and therefore removed from the consequences of the real world and the ramifications of the decisions made. Can we still talk about the fact that Peter stole her?? Let's look at the from a historical perspective... don't look so good now does it.  It works in the scene and works for the story particularly because she doesn't protest beyond throwing a bitch fit for not getting her way, but she still goes with him because he challenged her ideas about herself and she wanted the parts he awakened back in her life.
Bring tissues because I shed a tear or two throughout the story because Joey *the author* must be paid in tears. Happy Reading my loves, 

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