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Book #Review: Styx's Storm (Breed 22, Wolf 7) by .@LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Styx's Storm ( Breed 22 , Wolf 7)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Parnaormal Romance/ Sci Fi
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: mass market
Cost: $5.99
Pages: 293
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: October 2010
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When Storme Montague's father and brother are killed by the Breeds, her father's research is also destroyed -- except for a crucial data chip that both the Council and the Breeds would kill to possess. Betrayed to the Council, she is rescued by Styx, a Wolf Breed who is different from most other Breeds she has ever known. Storme has something he wants too -- but it's not a data chip. There's never been a woman who bad boy Styx couldn't seduce. But can the charmer of the Wolf Breeds charm the enemy? Or has the enemy come up with a plan of her own? A plan that could destroy the tentative balance the Breeds have created in society and among their allies -- and that may ultimately destroy them both...
Ok I'll be honest, this one wasn't my favorite out of the series. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best. I kind of almost hated the female protag.  She has a rough start but her head is so far up her ass she doesn't realize she isn't the only one who has suffered.

Storme was also a fave character of mine simply because she was able to stay ahead of Jonas for over ten years.  When the Breeds were being rescued form the Omega Lab, Storm's family is destroyed and they entrusted her with a file that was supposed to go to the Breeds, she runs tot he meeting place but having witnessed the devastation that is the rescue of the lab, she doesn't stay long enough for her contact to meet her, and off she goes into the world trying to stay ahead of those who want her dead, or to get to her for the information she has.  Now I totally get that she was a teenager when her family was killed and she was deeply scared and yet none of the compassion her father and brother had for the Breeds seemed to be ingrained in her.  She can't seem to differentiate between the Coyotes that are bad and the Breeds that are out and in the world trying to stay ahead of the Council.  Having grown up around them you would think she would have some compassion for them, and yet she's so effing hateful.  Ten years of running and you still can't seem to know who is bad and who isn't??

Styx is a funny and witty character, and I loved him as a mate.  He's perhaps honestly one of the few that doesn't just shove this onto his mate, not only does his beast hold back, but Styx himself refused to push his mate into mating without her consent or understanding what it meant.  However, she didn't really do anything to be worthy of him at all, she was hateful to him, to his friends and to his Alpha.  Granted the way Styx got her to come to the compound was kind of effed up, as she's a woman that's been on the run for so long she's lonely and thought she was getting one thing ad ended up with something else.

This story was very character driven, yet it also has so much action going on and we get some awesome meeting of the different factions of Breeds.  For me at times the characters didn't come through the way so many others have and I didn't feel like I connected to their motivations or emotions, so it felt flat and distant.

For the story the plot was very believable, the series keep s building the world of the Breeds shown to us previously in the other books.  it also lays down the ground work for the next few books in the queue.  Once agian if Jonas would stop manipulating and instead speak to people about what he needs he wouldn't have half the issues he does because he insists on manipulating everyone.   Since Lion's Heat we know why Jonas is now doing the things he is, however he would find that others would be more willing to help him if he didn't push them into it.  Granted he doesn't believe everyone has the same motivation as him, but they do, this is the future of the Breeds we are talking about and everyone who isn't a traitors jackass is here for saving it.

One thing I loved and still remember about the book is Styx's love for chocolate, and can I say he's a man after my own heart?!! And i just picture Jaimie from Outlander as his voice actor, everything was in his accent (lol)

While I may not remember or like the mate in this one as much as the others the revelations for the overarching story are very well burned into my brain and I can't wait to see how this begins to shake out into the other stories.

Happy Reading my loves, 

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