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Book #Review: Lion's Heat (Breed 21, Feline 13) by @LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Lion's Heat (Breed 21, Feline 13)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Mass Market
Cost: $6.99
Pages: 342
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication DateJan 2010
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Bad boy Jonas Wyatt's personal assistant, Rachel, has had a child—an innocent new life that has been put in grave danger because of Jonas' perilous games and calculations played in the shadow-world in which he lives: the dark and sensual world of the Breeds. Now, Rachel is making only one demand of Jonas: that he finally take responsibility and deliver on the protection that only he can give. Jonas has known for a long time that it is destiny that Rachel become his mate. He can sense it. He can also sense her reluctance. And for that, he refuses to claim her. He wants her on love alone and not because of the urge of the mating heat. But it is Jonas' destiny to claim her. And he will have his way.
"It was his luck. Jonas entered his cabin,stood aside and watched as Rachel walked in, knowing that every curse every ill thought his Enforcers had had concerning his turn at mating were most likely coming true."  
I cannot explain how highly anticipated this book was for me.  Jonas is one of the main Pride members, Callan's right hand and the bogeyman of the Breed world.  The adversary everyone knows, behind his back his Enforcers call him the Matchmaker (because every time Jonas assigns someone a new job they end up finding their mates, some fear him for this others can't wait).  After Jonas's plans would either fall apart but work out or simply fall right into place I kept saying I couldn't wait to meet the woman who would bring him to his knees, and for Jonas she would have to be strong.

Jonas's mate came to him because Jonas kept scaring away his assistants.  Knowing her friend needed a new place to land and start all over Merinus Prima of the Pride offered her the job, because she hired her Jonas couldn't directly defy her by firing her.  Of course knowing her job is secure no matter what Rachel is able to go toe to toe with Jonas Rachel's heart has been broken by a man who she thought was the one and she's now single and pregnant.  She's not leaving this job when it means being able to provide for her child.

Rachel has a quite strength, at first I thought a go getter like Diane would have been better, but Rachel has a way of making Jonas rethink his choices and hen he doesn't she gladly goes at him for being way to arrogant.  She's not brash, loud or even imposing in anyway and yet she is endeared by the Enforcers and manages Jonas quite well actually.  Her sister has always been the wild, seeking out adventures type so Rachel balanced her out by being more grounded.

I really loved seeing Jonas get his own mate; most don't realize how much Jonas has sacrificed and how much of himself he has given for the Breeds, and seeing him finally get his own piece of happiness makes me love him even more.  However this is Jonas and nothing is ever easy, even getting his mate. So much happens in this book, the world of the Breeds really expands, we see more Dane who takes front and center quite a bit.  we also get to see the Leo, and a ton of the Breeds come into Sanctuary and we get the story to take leaps and bounds into the deep plots and many different strings get pulled and we are finding ourselves seeing just how vast and deeply funded and aided the Council is. There are times that the Prime Leo tried my patience because my gawd he is arrogant, &manipulative, in other words Jonas when he's older.  However I want Leo to realize being Prime Leo doesn't give you carte blanche to be a dick to everyone.

This book gives us access to Jonas' thought processes and why he does what he does, we also here from Rachel quite a bit and I loved how at times their thoughts lines up.  While I enjoyed the story, I truly expected more from Jonas's story & from his mate.  I know logically he needs someone opposite to his brash nature, but at time Rachel seemed way too calm for the situation, way too collected which sometimes translated to being weak.  I expected a little more kick ass and brashness even though she manages Jonas in a way no one else is able to.  

I'm glad Jonas got a mate, this makes him even more dangerous now that he has a personal reason to fight.  We learn even more about the shocker we got at the ending of Bengal Heat   There were a few plot threads that were untouched, I'm not sure hat the villain hopes to accomplish by making demands but not sharing any information that will help them.  He's a true idiot.  His plot would only work if the scientist were still alive and if the Pride had all the information he thought they did but as e learned in the first few books, when they were being rescued, they had to fight their way out and that meant several of the scientist died and the information was destroyed which is why they are flying blind on Mating Heat and their own physiology.  So no information hidden and you have no idea what you have done, so how does this work now??

As you can tell I argued with this book and the characters quite a bit, snapping at Jonas for being an arrogant jackass which he definitely comes by naturally. I laughed at some of the high jinks and felt the kick to the chest that I was supposed to.  I however still didn't see all that was going to happen in the end; we knew it was going to be brutal and wild because of the hints that we were leading up to something big.

I highly recommend the series and of course Jonas's story because my favorite moments are Jonas's interactions with Rachel and with Amber.  He's sweeter on her than he ever was with Cassie and we know he's a total pushover when it comes to Cassie.

Happy Reading my loves, let me know what did you think of Rachel for Jonas?? Share down below so we can gush/rant together.  

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