Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Movie Review: Set It Up (2018)

Movie Title: Set It Up
Released: 2018
Directed by: Claire Scanton
Starring:: Taye Diggs, Luy Lui, Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell
Based on:  Written by Katie Silberman
Run Time: 1hr 45mins
Two corporate executive assistants hatch a plan to match-make their two bosses.

Hi my loves,  please be aware that as the review goes along there might be spoilers. I'll try to warn you. I watched this movie while working on my crochet projects. (this is only time I really watch tv, I marathon shows and work on projects). I was really looking forward to a fun romantic comedy, and that's what we got. 

The premise is simple, two workaholic bosses are keeping their assistants hostage to their ambition and to aide them in having social and love lives, the two assistants hook their bosses up.  At first glance this is a cute contemporary romance, because not only do the bosses appear to fall in love, the pair finds that their own love lives come more into play.  They bond and share great stories as they figure out how to keep the magic going for their bosses while trying to accomplish their own goals.  Their jobs kept them from pursuing their goals and dreams, as one wanted to be a writer but didn't have any time the other was trying to push their relationship further with their partner. 

Let's talk about what worked in the movie:
  1. Relateable characters, the two assistants were fun and funny, slightly nerdy and had amazing banter. 
  2. The way the relationship developed and their friendship that came from it was good.
  3. NYC being highlighted throughout the movie
  4. The shopgirl when they are shopping for rings. She was so relatable, she's like I'm here for the tea and her face when the argument blew up. Hilarity.  
  5. Harper's best friend, I loved her and their friendship, she was so honest and real with Harper. She was a true friend and hilarious as well. 
  6. Their comedic moments, like when they went to the baseball game and had the kiss cam moments.  
  7. Harper trying to let her boss know she has to keep her wax appointment has got to be the most awkward yet hilarious moment as well.  

There are a lot of reasons to really enjoy the show, if you're a big fan of  Never Been Kissed, She's All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, then you're going to enjoy this.  If all you're looking for is a fun, witty, modern romantic comedy featuring two desperate young people trying to distract their bosses so they can have lives and on the way find that they get a little more than they bargained for. Enjoy it and stop reading from here.  After this I'm going to kind of shred the movie.  Enjoy the movie!!

******************************SPOILERS AHEAD********************************

While I enjoyed the diverse characters, the witty banter and the fun friends who were fleshed out and had great lives, there are several underlying notes that I couldn't help but notice.  
  1. While the movie on the surface is about getting these two workaholics together, the true romance that comes from it isn't the two main diverse characters.  They don't even get incidental relationships at all.
  2. All the characters that are used for comedic relief are people of color. I do mean used, we weren't laughing with them but at them. First, there was the elevator operator who was "simple-minded' (unable to read social cues, couldn't understand more than the basic instructions given to him & had the nickname Creepy Pete and was ok with being called that) He also loves plants and works in the basement, but doesn't seem to know about growth lights because he can be seen watering dying/dead plants. Really?!!
  3. The next person we laugh at is the large African American package delivery man, who decides that due to his claustrophobia it would be smart to strip naked in an elevator that has stopped for just a moment. Then urinate on his package.  Then be caught by a Caucasian woman as she attempts to board once the elevator starts working again. IN WHAT EFFING WORLD?? With people calling the cops on Firefighters in uniform?? the one where people are calling the cops as you move into your building?? Not happening. 
  4. In the end, the two assistants end up together, the bosses don't last and mostly because the male lead is a cheating bastard. He's a successful venture capitalist who is selfish, egotistical and so competitive he gives his assistant a promotion just because someone else got on near him.
  5. Charlie's girlfriend, who was Latina, was vain, vapid, as shown as a woman who had no depth and that was the reason he had to break up with her to get with the perfect down to earth girl Harper.   
I really enjoyed the movie, but as it went on and I realized how it was going to end I began to feel moments of disquiet.  I wasn't happy about the things that I noticed and perhaps they didn't mean to cast the minority characters as people not deserving of love as they are vain (the girlfriend) cheaters (Rick) or too focused on work (Kirsten), simple-minded (the maintenance worker)  or someone who deserves to be arrested for public indecency (the delivery driver).  

While I enjoyed it while watching it won't be a repeat performance for me.  

Have you seen it?? Do you feel like I'm reaching?? Bring popcorn and enjoy my loves, then let me know in the ocmments down below.

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