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Book #Spotlight & #Excerpt : After The End by Natasha Preston .@InkSlingerPR .@NatashaVPreston

Book Title: After The End
Author:  Natasha Preston |WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram
Publisher: Natasha Preston
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Format: ebook
Cost: $3.99
How I got it: Blog Tour
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Publication Date: Sept 25th 2018
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One fatal mistake changes Tilly and Linc’s lives forever.

After the tragedy, Linc and his family fled a town they were no longer welcome in.

Still grieving the death of her brother, Tilly’s world is rocked again when, three years later, Lincoln Reid has to come home.

Linc tries to stay away from Tilly, but once he sees her fighting feelings for him, he can’t stay in the shadows.


“Tilly,” I groan as she leans flush against my chest.

The alcohol has given her permission to let go of the reservations she has over us being something.

The beach has now cleared completely, everyone has gone, and I’m supposed to take Tilly to Hanna and Jack’s, but she’s making it very difficult.

I want to take her back to mine.

She looks up at me, and her amber eyes lose focus. “It’s you, isn’t it?” Her voice is barely a whisper, but I feel the fear in each word.

“What’s me, Tilly? You really should have stopped drinking about an hour ago.”

“I couldn’t stop.”

“Drinking? Why not?”

“Because I know this is the only way that I won’t feel immediately guilty for being this close to you.” Her eyes flit closed. “I want so badly to be this close to you.”

My breath catches. I want to pull away because her words are gutting me, but my body needs to be closer to her, too. My fingers dig further into her flesh, holding her closer, tighter, never wanting to let go.
“Tilly, there is no need for you to feel guilty. Robbie would have been okay with this.”

“I know. It’s not him I’m worried about.” She leans forward and lays her head against my chest. “My parents are having a hard time with you being here.”

I rest my chin on her head. She’s tucked so closely into me. “Have they told you that?”

“They don’t need to.” Her arms wrap around my back like she’s scared I’ll walk away after hearing this. There is nothing she could ever say to scare me off. I love her unconditionally.

“I don’t want to hurt them, but I don’t want to hurt you either. It’s such a mess, Linc. I wish we were just two normal people without a past.”

“Everyone has a past.”

“Not everyone’s past is all mixed together,” she replies. Her voice is a little slurred, but our conversation seems to be sobering her quickly. “Ours is messy.”

“Yeah, it’s messy.”

But she is admitting she wants me!

With raw emotion clogging her throat, she breathes, “I don’t want our families to fight.”

I bend my head and whisper in her ear, “I’m not giving up on us. It’s worth the fight, Tilly.”

“Then, fight hard, Linc, because I don’t know how to stay.”
These are some quick thoughts I'll do a full gushing review later.

A slow burn romance about friends finding their way back to each other after a tragedy strikes their families. It's told from dual perspectives, of Tilly who is stuck in the same place trying not to hurt her remaining family but beginning to feel stifled and Linc who thought he had gained enough distance that he wasn't going to hurt as much as he was.  Coming back to town may bring the change they both need in their lives.  

Filled with great friends who want to stand with and for them, grieving family learning to stand as a unit again, survivor's guilt and the desire to live for the person who is gone as well as for oneself. I enjoyed the read.  I loved that therapy was discussed the use of medication to aide in getting through the grieving process the discussion on how grief doesn't really go away. I loved that it was discussed so richly and even normalized. Showing how the process works differently for everyone.  While at the same time that grief was both a burden and an excuse. For Tilly and her family they couldn't navigate the after, the what happens next phase even with the therapy; much of the steps that needed to be taken weren't done because Tilly was afraid to hurt those that were left.   I loved that Linc was a catalyst for change, much like he was apart of the problem before.  

I did have a few issues with some of the characters like her friend Greg, I wanted to slap him so bad like boy get off your high horse and come live down here with the rest of us mortals struggling with doing what's right.   I loved the other friends who were great for her and wanted better for her especially Hanna, even when Tilly wasn't ready to hear it.  

A great romance and I loved the way it ended. I must confess when I first saw the preview I was expecting some great mystery to pop up because I had read several of her previous works and know her that way. It took a second to realize nope this is just an emotional rollercoaster and wasn't about some crazy psycho kidnapping people, still a good read though.  

Happy Reading

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