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Erotica Book #Review: Theirs For The Night by Katee Roberts .@Katee_Robert #ThalanianDynasty

Book Title: Theirs For The Night (Thalanian Dynasty 0.5)
Author:  Katee Robert |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Genre: Erotica Romance, Dark Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Novella
Format: Ebook
Cost: FREE on all platforms
Pages: 70
How I got it: Blog Tour Host
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Publication Date: July 31, 2018
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Meg Sanders has spent her life playing by the rules—until tonight. It’s her birthday and she’s determined to be a little wild and a whole lot carefree, at least until she has to get back to reality tomorrow. But the last thing she expects is to be seduced on the dance floor by two gorgeous men.

Theo and Galen are each incredibly sexy on their own, and potentially devastating as a pair—and they want her. Meg isn’t down for anything resembling complicated when her life is such a mess, but the two of them win her over with the promise of a night out of her deepest, darkest fantasy—and that they walk the next morning with no strings attached.

After all, anything goes when it’s only for one night…
I absolutely adored this novella, this is a great introduction to the rest of the story arc.  It's a closed triangle romance and I'm so here for it.  (For those who don't know that means that each of the menage participants have a relationship, so the two men are sexually involved with each other and then also each has a relationship with the woman).

We get introduced to Meg who is a struggling college student who is trying not to become the failure those from her town have named her. She's run all the way to NYC to accomplish her goals and she's so close to finishing when she's dealt a financial blow that knocks her back. To help cheer her up a girlfriend suggests they go to the club and she doesn't really feel into it even if it's her birthday. She does go however and that decision makes a huge change in her life and the direction she will take from then on.

We get introduced to Theo and Galen at the club and the chemistry is off the way. Meg wants them but the way her life is going they might not want her. As the story develops and we get a glimpse at the depth of Theo and Galen and their relationship I was hooked. I read the story in less than an hour because I needed to know everything and the cliffhanger??? Why yes I will be reading the next book.

The chemistry between all three was off the charts, and the eroticism of their sex scenes just drew me in. I loved it because they laughed and still had some seriously sexy times.  I can't wait to learn more about the men and their relationship, why they could only have this one night and what Meg is going to do about her situation.
Erotica Stars
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