Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 Brenda Jackson Challenge Post

Hi my loves

Welcome back to another week and another post about my challenges. This time we're talking one of my favorites and a great author Brenda Jackson. This woman is a fantastic prolific author, so much so that I'm behind on almost all her series because she writes faster than I can read. however, my challenge to my self this year to really catch up on all the series and try.

Westmoreland Series 
Books In Series: 34
Read; 8
Remaining: 26
  1. Riding The Storm
  2. Jared's Counterfeit Fiance
  3. The Chase Is On
  4. The Durango Affair
  5. Ian's Ultimate Gamble
  6. Seduction Westmoreland Style
  7. Westmoreland's way
  8. Taming Clint Westmoreland
  9. Spence's Forbidden Passion
  10. Cole's Red Hot Pursuit
  11. The Proposal
  12. A Wife For A Westmoreland
  13. What a Westmoreland Wants
  14. Hot Westmoreland Nights
  15. Canyon
  16. Stern
  17. Bane
  18. Feeling the Heat
  19. Zane
  20. Texas Wild 
  21. Tall Dark Westmoreland
  22. Seduced by A Stranger
  23. The Rancher Returns
  24. The Secret Affair
  25. Breaking Bailey's Rules
  26. His Secret Son
Granger Series:
Books In Series: 5

  1. Locked In Temptation
  2. Seized by Seduction
  3. Forged In Desire
  4. A Lover's Vow
  5. Captivated by Love
Bennet Family Series:
Books In Series: 6
Remaining: 4

  1. Forever Mine 2.5
  2. What A Woman Wants
  3. Her Little Black Book
  4. Tis The Season For Romance 4.5
Perfect Series:
Books In Series: 2

  1. Perfect Timing
  2. Perfect Fit
Bachelor In Demand Series:
Books In Series: 5
Read: 1
Remaining: 4

  1. Bachelor Untamed
  2. Bachelor Unleashed
  3. Bachelor Undone
  4. Bachelor Unforgiving
I know I sucked at reading last year especially the lather part of the year.  I'm planning to do way better this year. What are you challenging yourself to do this year?? Share in the comments down below and if you're looking to buddy read let me know.  

Happy Reading and Good Luck with your reading goals this year.

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