Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Events & Conventions Wishlist

Hi my loves

Another of the fun topics from the old challenge by Parajunkee was for us to review our Bookish events wishlist and share what events we wanted to go to.  Because my sister moved and I took a step back from the book blogging world for a little bit I''m actually out of the loop on some of the best conventions, author signings and bookish events. I do want to get back to going to events, author signings and I'm trying to decide it BEA is worth the effort anymore.  So many decisions.

I do know I'm going to be watching The Strand's website a bit more closely to see if they post any author signings I would love to be a part of. I love some awesome authors but at times they are the worst at promoting themselves and signings and I generally don't find out until it's too late to go.  (Note to authors, post often and post early please). 

I'm looking at ApollyCon in Washington DC.  that's in March I'm coordinating with my job for the time off and then it's me and DC.

In the Fall I'm going to the Supernatural Convention in Jersey.  Because Supernatural!!!

I'm also looking at doing BookNet Fest. which is just a small convention in Florida during September.  It's started by two of my favorite booktubers and I can't wait to see what the schedule will look like this year. 

RWA comes to New York during the summer and I think this year I'm making a real effort to go. 

Brooklyn Book Festival which takes place later in the year, I have to double check when it is so I can go.

My state has a huge library book sale in the mid-summer and I can't wait. last year I missed because I injured myself.  This year I'm making a list and a plan.  This is usually where I really get to grow my library.  I love the thrill of the hunt and of course getting books for dirt cheap ain't bad either. 

There are sure to be more events and of course, I'll want to go to them all but I'll just go the ones

Well, those are the ones on my wishlist, what are you looking forward to?? Share in the comments down below my loves and of course happy reading.

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