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Book #Review: Bachelor Unclaimed by Brenda Jackson | Bewitching Bibliophile

Book Title: Bachelor Unclaimed (Bachelors In Demand)
Author:  Brenda Jackson |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Book 4
Format: ebook, Mass Market
Cost: $3.99, $6.25
Pages: 224
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: Jan 2013
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Are his playboy days over for good? In the wake of political defeat, former mayoral candidate Ainsley St. James does something totally out of character-she has a one-night stand with a seductive stranger. Never expecting to see him again, she accepts a job covering a breaking story in Hilton Head, South Carolina...only to discover that the island's most desirable recluse is the lover she has yet to forget. Winston Coltrane can't get that incredible night-or the sexy, sophisticated beauty-out of his mind. The marine biologist is developing a secret formula that could be a major medical breakthrough. But there's something Winston is keeping from Ainsley: his feelings for her have grown beyond the bedroom. Kiss by breathtaking kiss, Ainsley is transforming his oceanside sanctuary into a sensual retreat. Will they be able to turn a passionate fling into forever in each other's arms?
I always enjoy Brenda's writing and this one was of course another great addition to the read pile.  I did take away a star because of some of the thoughts the male protagonist had; they were kinda creepy and I really didn't feel like they went along with the characterization she had been giving us up until that point.  Other than that creepy moment, this story was a wonderful quick romantic, sensual read that I gobbled up really quickly, because I didn't want to leave until I saw how it all panned out.

I found the characters to be awesome,  Brenda gave us a believable story that was steamy hot and they just clicked together so well.  I loved that the characters believed that they were here for one story and totally walked away with something different.

I loved how spunky and tenacious Ainsley was and it's so funky that her town was so stupid.  I really liked Ainsley because she reminded me of me, she was a modern, fun, funky and happy woman. I want to meet the woman who decided doing what she did to Ainsley was smart or even really the way other women should be done  and just pop her in the mouth.  Ainsley was my favorite character because she didn't let Winston intimidate her and I loved how she handled him once they confronted the elephant in the room.

" Love didn't hurt you, someone who claimed to love you did" I say this on facebook the other day and this was perfect for the book. I just loved it.  This is a lesson both Winston and his cousin Virgil need to learn,. I can't wait to read the other god-brothers stories and enjoy the fullness of their fall.  I especially want to read Z's and Virgils' tales.

I really loved that Brenda dropped some serious history within the story.  Especially about the Civil War, Robert Small, the Gullah people and islands, and Mitchellville.  It all so awesome to read a story that discusses my history without making it a trite piece or somehow lessening the impact and the power of the tale. Also I totally love the little tidbits about marine biology that she interspersed within the story.

I loved that Winston's a cook, low country boil indeed, yes sir, I need the universe to send me one of these!!  Winston was a good character to read, he was educated, fun, funny and so smart, but yet, he wasn't as smart as he thought.

A definite must read and going on my faves of 2014 because it was humorous and sensual and I love Ainsley she deserves all the happiness. I can't wait to read the other stories. Brenda sure knows how to spin a tale . Now I want to go down south again.
I hope you enjoy Ainsley and Winston as much as I did.  Happy Reading

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