Monday, August 4, 2014

Completing My Collections otherwise known as Book Haulin':: (VEDA Day 4)

Here is today's vlog for VEDA otherwise known as Vlog Every Day In August.  I wanted to share some of the books that have been finding their way into my home and joining my read bookshelves. I love completing my collections.

I mentioned before that I am a book collector. I have entire series by authors that I love. If I love them, then they are on the autobuy lists (this especially worked well because for years I worked in WaldenBooks *until they closed* and I used to get my books on great discount).

Since I no longer work for a bookstore I keep a running lists of books missing from my catalog that I wish to get, and each year I try to get them.  I've promised myself that 2015 will be the year that I really collect as many of the missing books from my collection as possible.  We'll see how that goes.  Recently thanks to the vlogger The Girly Girl Bookworm I've found a source for getting these books for cheap.  Thriftbooks (I'm NOT sponsored or receiving anything in exchange this is an honest review of the service and a chance to share about my finds).

I got the following from them recently and I am extremely excited by the condition of the books and the fact that shipping is free in the US. After the video was filmed I tried to clean off those tags on the side and it actually ripped a bit of the cover art off. I'm NOT happy about that and want them to put the tags on the back, no one gives a damn about the back barcode bar, the spines are for showing off. If I ruin my book spine that's ok, but you shouldn't do that for me.  UGHHHH that was so frustrating, considering the books came in such pristine condition. (this has since happened on several other books so it's the stickers not the books)

Paperbackswap is a company I have been using for a few years now and they ave a really great system, you list books you wish to unhaul, you ship them media mail, then when the person receives them they click they have received and you get a point (which has a monetary value of $3.50), each point can then be used to get a book for yourself (you can purchase points however that kinda defeats the purpose of swapping books) .  I have used this system successfully and the books are always in great condition especially because you can specify what covers you want, and even the condition of the book you wish to receive (like from a non smoking household, or without animals things like that).  (I ALSO AM NOT SPONSORED BY PAPERBACKSWAP)

That's it, I'm so happy with my purchases.  What about you?? Have you ever used either services?? Share down below you experiences.

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