Saturday, August 2, 2014

Month In Review: July 2014

Wait, how can it already be the end of the month??? That's so crazy. The month is already gone, y'all gone!! It's already August!!!!mNooooo where did the summer go?? Well since it's gone here are the books I have read, the reviews I have written and a recap of all the awesomeness that came my way.

Book Hauls:  I have only had two, and I posted them on Youtube, links down below:

Reviews on the Blog This Month:

Bonds of Hope
Bonds of Courage

Young Adult
Altered (The Academy Series Book 1)
Shattered (The Academy Series Book 2)

Books Read This Month: 13  At this rate I'll be finishing up my goal well before  December. I'm 11 books ahead!! Yassss. Even though I didn't feel like I completed that many books at all.
Yearly Goal: 150   Monthly Count:  13  Balance: 52
Young Adult
Altered by Aubrey Coletti
Shattered by Aubrey Coletti

New Adult:
Shatter (Book 4 True Believer's Series)  by Erin McCarthy. Oh my gawd it can't be the end!!! I need more !! I want more awesome stories, Erin, *sob* this is such an awesome series. I want to read more. I'm so getting all of these in physical form. I can't wait.

I finished a few series this month. including the following:

The Fifth Avenue Trilogy   I read the prequel in June which wasTake Me by Maisey Yates

I can't wait to share with you my thoughts on these books, they were freaking amazing!!

Then I went back to The Den and caught up with my favorite group of people in Lynda Aicher's Wicked Play series:
I had an amazing time with these books in the series because it was ana amazing series.

I also read. Jennifer Probst's Executice Seduction, which was a good romanctic comedy, but wasn't really what the cover was selling me, but more of that in the review.

And I finished THORN JACK by Katherine Harbour and if you haven't picked this book up and you're a fan of dark Faerie tales then you are missing out.  

Book Reviews To Look Forward to Next Month:

1) Take Me On by Katie McGarry
2) The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness

Plus so many more!!!  I'm aiming to do VEDA (vlog everyday in august), and I'm going to try to also blog everyday this month. The last few weeks have been pretty light due to the new work schedule, but now that i have it down more I'm getting back into the swing of things.

What'd you do this month?? Care to share?? Leave it in the comments box and I'll swing on by!!
Happy Reading and Happy New Month!!

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