Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Favorite Reads for: Halloween/Samhain (VEDA 31, 2014)

And it all comes to an end. I did pretty good actually. I did vlog almost every day and I'm happy with the vlogs I did manage to accomplish.  Now I know what you're thinking it's only the end of August beginning of September, but I prep for Samhain as early as November 1st the year before, I hunt down decorations on half or seventy percent sale and stock up for next year. I'm always on the hunt for great deals when it comes to Halloween, that way each year my collection will grow and be better than the year before.  And that takes planning, while I like to plan and prep one of the ways I get into the mood of the season is to read Halloween and Samhain-themed books.  Samhain being the nonfiction books and Halloween being the fictions books.

Here are a few of my favorite and a few authors to check out for your selves, as well as a few more recommendations than in the video:

For Non Fiction :

For Reference, at times I turn to Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf.  It has some great fall recipes to try and a few places listed so you can find other resources.  There are many who take issue with the book, however, I feel it's like anything, take what works and leave the fluff or incorrect information behind.

For Fiction:

Anything Maggie Shayne and Heather Graham works for me.  For Maggie I especially love her Portal Series which included:  (my review is on the title, the portal series brings you to Maggie page where you can see all the series and the goodies)
Witch Moon Rising Witch Moon Waning by Maggie Shayne & Lorna Tedder Although not a part of the series by Maggie Shayne I love reading this one, it's the first time I read her writing and I have loved it ever since.

I also picked up Lorna Tedder's other work including Flying By Night which is perfect for Halloween. 

Another adult favorite of mine is Goddess of Spring by P.C. Cast, now I know what you're thinking, however, this is a Persephone retelling, and if you know anything about the myth you know it is perfect for this season.

Heather Graham's Krewe of Hunters series features quite a few books set in New Orleans and even a few set around Halloween.  (she however writes way too many for me to list here, we might be here all day).

My Favorite Anthologies:
For Young Adult:
Goddess Series by Aimee Carter *another Persephone retelling*  Click the titles to see my reviews

and of course, I love Croak which is the grim reaper series by Gina D'amico.  I also have another Persephone retelling which is Love Underground by Alicia Fields.  And last but not least is the witch series Circle of Three by Isobel Bird.

And there you have it folks, these are the books that get me in the mood for Fall, Samhain and Halloween. I'll be sharing my list of to be read books that I wish to read soon.  Do you have any favorites?? Share down in the comments below and we can discuss and gush about our favorite parts of Halloween.

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