Thursday, April 23, 2015

Monthly Theme: New Adult : My Favorite Authors So Far & Request For Some Recommendtions

My Favorite New Adult Authors

I've only just begun to really delve into the books that make up this genre, I have read some good, some bad, and dnf'd quite a few.   I'm here to share some of my favorites with you and request that you share some of  your faves with me in the comments so I can go ahead and read even more from this fast growing genre.

One of the very first new adult books I ever read (not including the old school stuff, but the stuff that falls under the new genre title of new adult) was Rule by Jay Crownover, it was a sampler called Between the Covers and I was all over it, I loved me some Rule (check out my review). I then proceeded to gobble up the other books in the Marked Men series including Jet, Rome and of course at the time he was just on his way to the printer, but I begged and they let me be apart of the blog tour for Nash and of course then came Rowdy and now I'm breathlessly waiting until April 21st for Asa. yeah it's safe to say I LOVE Jay Crownover's writing. Oh and if you haven't checked out the men of the Point??? Yeah you're missing out because Bax is not a man to be missed.  His buddy just recently joined the crew and Race  is just amazing as well.

My next favorite is Chelsea Fine. because man can she write an emotive story with wonderful plot twists and character growth.  Her books, Perfect Kind of Trouble and Best Kind of Broken are two of my faves from her.  I loved reading them and the characters are just so awesome that you can't wait to read and see where they are headed and boy she brings them some seriously good places.

I've been a huge fan of Erin's writing for many years and when I saw that she was writing a new adult series I jumped at the chance to read from her and her  True Believers series?? Chile if you love new adult and haven't fallen in love with Jess then you're missing out big time!!  the series includes: True, SweetBelieve, & Shatter

Of course who can forget, Easy by Tammara Webber?? That book was one of the very first new adults I read and it made the genre for me.

Then there was Knox who challenged the black and white lines I had about certain things and you just have to read to understand who and what and how amazing this story is.  Hard Knox by Nicole Williams.

I've also read a few by Cassie Mae, and Jen Frederick that are worth mentioning, and of course Jennifer L Armentrout writing as J Lynn is amaze balls as well.

These are the ones I have read so far, what are some others you can recommend??  Share down below so I can get some really good ones on the list.  Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting my loves. I'll see you tomorrow with another post as well.

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