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Book #Review: Deacon (Gideon's Riders) .@KitRocha

Book Title: Deacon ( Gideon's Riders Book 2)
Author:  Kit Rocha |Website| Twitter| Facebook|
Genre: Dystopian Erotic Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: ebook
Cost: $4.99
Pages: 268
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: Aug 2017
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Book #2 in explosive new series from bestselling author Kit Rocha... Ana has trained most of her life to achieve one goal: to prove that anything men can do, she can do better. Now she’s Sector One’s first female Rider, and being the best is the only way to ensure she won’t be its last. Distractions aren’t allowed--especially not her painful attraction to the reserved but demanding leader whose stern, grumpy demeanor has already gotten into her head. Deacon has spent the last twenty years trying to atone for his past, but the blood he spilled as a mercenary and assassin will never wash away entirely. If his riders knew the extent of his sins, he’d lose their trust and respect. It’s easier to keep them all at arm’s length, especially Ana. But his newest recruit’s stubbornness is starting to crack his defenses. And their sparring matches are driving him wild. The passion sparking between them can’t be denied, but neither can the vengeance barreling toward Deacon. When his old squad comes back to punish him for his betrayal, Ana and the Riders are squarely in the line of fire. The only way to save his people may be to make the ultimate sacrifice. But first, he has to convince Ana not to follow him straight into hell.
I loved it, and that should be no surprise.  We are back in sector one with the holy bikers named Gideon's Riders.  Deacon happens to be the oldest surviving Rider, he's Gideon's right hand man he is feeling the weariness of the war.  Ana is the first female Rider, her father has trained her for this, he as also one of the founding Riders.  As a founding Rider her father was the exception, while all the men live with their feet between the world of the living and the dead, her father embraced life and had a family.  Ana is trying to be her best because she's afraid if she fails there will be no more female Riders.  I love the series due to the complex lives layered into it. I love that we are seeing a version of a dystopia where all the minorities don't disappear to help create this utopia where e don't exist.

Ana is my favorite character I have read so far, she knows and understands what it means to be the first of her kind.  This series and the stories are very well written, she creates well rounded characters that are vulnerable, strong, love able and loving.  Complex without being broken.  I absolutely loved that the small quirks of being a natural haired black woman were discussed without making it exotic or making them weird, the characters color isn't ever made as a reason for their failures or romanticized it just is.  I absolutely loved her and Deacon together, as they worked out how to balance being Riders, and how to be lovers.  Ana struggled with how to do what she loved, while knowing that she doesn't want to fail and make it easy for those who don't believe women can be Riders to point out her failures.

Ana is one of my favorite characters because she is so raw, she knows who she is and she wants to not just be the best Rider she can be, but she wants to leave a legacy for the women coming after her.  She wants the fulfilled life her parents had as well.  Some of my favorite scenes are when Ana confronts Gideon in his office; and the final battle scene when she's second guessing her decision and realizing what Gideon meant when they talked.

My least favorite part was when Ana confronted Gideon and he chewed her out in front of the team.  I also disliked because it jerked on my feels when Deacon tells his truth, I understand Gabe's reaction, but his reaction triggered Ashwin and while I get that the emotions where real, raw & really authentic, it still sucked that Ashwin was once again forced to confront his past as he tried to move on. We get to see several of the secondary characters from Sector One mostly, they were well fleshed out in their interactions with Deacon & Ana.  Other than a few characters we didn't get every one's reactions to the action unfolding.  I can't wait until we meet the other Riders more intimately.

The war maybe done but the enemies aren't all gone, just like in the first book there is a lot more going on in Sector one and around it.  This book also explores what it mean to be both warrior and lover, ho do you balance it all.  What traditions are formed and how they affect the people if those in charge try to change them.

For me the ending wasn't predictable, I mean we expected the romance but the overall mystery opened up more for us.  I can't wait to see where it goes from here.  Ivan's story should be one hell of a good read.   As I was reading I felt all the feels that they wanted you to including visceral desire, I laughed at the funny parts, I felt like the characters were real and I connected so well to them.

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