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Book #Review: Wake A Sleeping Tiger (Breed 31, Feline 18) by .@LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Wake A Sleeping Tiger (Breed 31, Feline 18)
Author:  Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitter| Facebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series/Standalone:  Series
Format: ebook/ Hardcover
Cost: $17.99
Pages: 352
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: March 2017
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On a moonless Navajo night, the recessed Bengal Breed known only as Judd became Cullen Maverick, grandson to one of the Chiefs of the Six Tribes of the Native Americans.

Bengal genetics, usually so fierce as to be labeled primal, was recessed so deep inside Judd that no hint of it can be found. A phenomena so rare it’s been notated only a few times. And there’s no way, it’s believed, to force those genetics free once they’ve disappeared past the genetic level.

Now, as commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division in Window Rock, New Mexico, Cullen leads his six agents in protecting the treasures of the Navajo Tribes by ensuring they remain safely in Navajo possession.

Added to this mix is none other than the delicate Window Rock police detective determined to stick her pretty little nose in his business.

And once Cullen realized the animosity that keeps flaming between them is far more than he imagined, then the Primal Breed that’s lurked inside him comes out to play. And when that beast decides to make itself known, Cullen suddenly remembers all the reasons it was better off sleeping.
That ending??Omigawd say what?? I can't wait for the next book.  I loved this story because finally e got back to some of the first sets of Breeds, they are finally in the stories again.  This was the story of the twin to our monster and I'm so glad to be here for it because finally someone who can take on Jonas.  This story continued out journey through the reservation with the Navajo tribal leaders and their secrets, as the third and final member of the hidden group of run aways is revealed. 

Judd as a Breed is deeply recessed, so much so that he doesn't believe he'll find a mate.  When presented with his mate he's not sure what he's supposed to do.  This story pivots off the story before showcasing more branches of the Breeds, more characters and an ever deepening plot against the Breeds.  Judd as a recessed Breed is missing many of the traits that would mark him as a Breed, however now that his brother is back in his life the recessed genes are coming back.  They certainly come out of hiding when his mate hands in her resignation from their joint task force and goes her own way, Judd is at first certain she's kidding but when weeks pass by and she doesn't return he's now hell bent of finding a way back to her. 

Despite the changes that have taken place,  so many still plot against the Breeds and their allies and they still go after the ones they see as most vulnerable.  I love the depth of the story and the entrenching of the Breeds on the tribal lands.  I love that we're getting more from the tribes and their understanding of what happened to their own and have the returning sons and daughters of the missing. 

This story jerked your emotions right from the get go because Chelsea is one hell of a woman, she's trained well and she takes on a contingent of Coyotes and kicks butt in the process.  Her reason for doing so though will definitely make you want to cry.  her family life, her cousin who was once married to Judd give Chelsea pause, she doesn't wish to be seen as going after her cousin's husband (even though her cousin is dead).  It always surprised me how much hate and hurt can fill someone so that they scar people even when they aren't around anymore.  I absolutely loved the developing love story, I understand why it took so long for them to come together especially because of their past.  I loved seeing the secondary characters especially Cassie, Gideon's always fun to read because crazy knows no bounds with this one. 

I love the love story and I loved how much of the world we got to see, how much growth that has happened and of course how much more will be happening.  I want to see  so many more stories coming from the world.    There are characters and stories being shared like we've always seen them, but they haven't had a story yet.  I feel like a book was supposed to come out that didn't because this one alpha come out of nowhere. I'm intrigued by his story though because we've been getting in it from the books as we go along instead of him getting his own novella.   

Next books is Cassie's and I want to predict her mate as Dog but Lora don't care about our feelings so Goddess only knows who it's going to be. 
I highly recommend and of course 
Happy Reading my loves, 

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