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Book #Review: Lawe's Justice (Breed 26, Feline 15) .@LoraLeigh_1

Book Title: Lawe's Justice (Breed 26, Feline 15)
Author: Lora Leigh |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Mass Market
Cost: $7.99
Pages: 354
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: Dec 2011
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In Lora Leigh's scorching new Breed novel, two adversaries are destined to explore the only thing they have in common: an irresistible mating heat... Diane Broen's lived to protect her younger sister Rachel from harm. But now that Rachel has been mated off, Diane's occupied herself with less fulfilling tasks at the Genetics Council--until she's paired with a new team member, a Breed male notorious for his attitude, and a touch that makes her recoil. Lawe isn't thrilled with her either. A lion at heart, he prefers a lair of solitude. When it comes to females, he'd rather snarl than purr. And while fate may have paired them to fight on the same team, neither is willing to admit to the obvious: the mating heat between them is positively incinerating. It's only when danger threatens that they make a hotter-than-hell connection--one so explosive it could destroy them. Or, as providence reveals, bind them together, forever.
This is another of the books that really kicks your heart in.  It's very well written.  Diane and Lawe are my favorite characters because they both don't fit in anywhere, but they're still striving to protect those around them even if they aren't welcomed by those they protect.  Once again we are back in the Navajo reservation and the desert, and back with our fun characters from before.

So many of our favorite characters are back and we get to see them even more fleshed out.  We see Jonas, Rachel, Amber, Graeme & the brothers Rule & Lawe.   The overall mystery of the Reservation, the hidden ones the tribe are hiding, the hunt for the beast that is taunting the reservation and the many different enemies hidden amongst friends.  I'm going to say that I feel like there is a whole book missing from the series, there are characters that have been recently introduced as if they were people we knew already, whole branches of packs that weren't mentioned before that I recall and some of these I would have definitely recalled.  I've been feeling like that for a few books now, especially after a few of the novellas. In all honesty I've been feeling like that since the first few books. I get that this is a world that has moving parts and we're only seeing snippets of it yet some of these characters feel new; even if they don't feel new to the men and women they are interacting with.

There are story threads that are being given without being fully fleshed out, we get snippets from other stories and no future books for those characters in site, I'm hooked on small snippets given about the different wolves and I can't wait until we get more information from them.  These next few books blow open a section of the Breed community not previously seen, and we are beginning to see how long this rescue mission has been running even before Callan came forward over 15 years ago.

Lawe & his twin were in some of the most brutal labs, this is the lab were even the Coyotes weren't the worst the men and women have seen.  Raised to know that if they reacted in anyway that the scientists didn't like their weaker smaller litter mates would pay the price. Lawe learned to lock it all down.  Once he's been rescued Lawe has done everything to aide the cause, he's Jonas' right hand man along with Rule and they all of course work with Cassie.  In this one we begin to see just how tightly closeted Cassie's world is, with an everyday interaction becoming something that could risk her family her friends and of course her bodyguards, she's on lock down at all times.  We really begin to see how lonely within the crowd she is.  And Lawe does his level best to indulge her as far as he can.  This is how we begin to see how great a guy he really is.

Some of my favorite scenes happen when, Lawe, Rule, Jonas, and the Navajo Council are in the same room trying their level best to out manipulate each other, while demanding information that would aide them all.  At times within the novel I despised Lawe's insistence that his mate wouldn't be a warrior or a woman who  could fight, his instance on that would stab at his mate's insecurities about her femininity and make her feel even worse and I wanted to drop kick him across the room.

Lawe's blindness at seeing how perfect she was for him, his insistence on coddling her like she wasn't as battle ready as he was, made her feel like less than a mate and called into question her abilities in front of the men she commanded.  Yet he couldn't see it because e kept looking for something other that what he truly wanted.  I loved Rule because unlike Lawe he saw what a treasure Diane was and even went so far as to offer to trade their mates; since as twins it would be possible to imprint of the mate.  Rule and Jonas also played a big role in kicking Lawe into gear and making him open his eyes.
There are a lot of major plot threads being pulled into this book, several more couples being lined up, the world of the Navajo Council is being revealed slowly, betrayals are being aired, traitors on all sides being found, and battles waging.  This was still a major character driven book. Diane's need to learn to be a mate, to be a better sister to Rachel made her more vulnerable and made you feel for her and love her so much.  Diane's trying to find where she fits in this new world, her sister who always needed her now has someone who would burn the world for her and no longer needs Diane, her men are questioning her competency and her loyalty to them because she wants to be here instead of out there making them the big dollars.  Where does she fit??

Lawe is also struggling, he's always had his brother and now with Diane he's making changes that he's not sure he's ready for.  He's also looking for the people responsible for what happened to him and his brother.  He's mad that the gamble for help that he always was promised would be there never came and when the betrayal is revealed, how will it rock his world.

I really loved where this story went and how the couple came together.  I can't wait to get the other books in my hands and just read them all.  This one really kicked up the action, and not just for the Breeds.
Happy Reading my loves, 

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