Thursday, February 20, 2014

Erotica Book #Review: Menage on 34th Street

Book Title: Menage on 34th Street
Author: Elise Logan & Emily Ryan Davis |Website| Elise's Twitter| Emily's Twitter 
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Erotica, Romance, Christmas Quickies
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Format: ebook
Cost: $2.99
Pages: 125
How I got it: NetGalley 
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: November 2013
Season: Yule/Christmas
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Katrina and Liam Holland have the perfect marriage, a home in the trendiest part of Baltimore, and a scorching sex life. As another Christmas approaches, there's only one thing still on Kat's wish list: Hunter Croft. But she made peace long ago with his decision to choose the marines over their relationship. Until seeing him again arouses feelings she thought were in the past… Hunter has spent a decade outrunning his attraction to both Kat and Liam. But now that he's stateside, his self-control crumbles when he comes face-to-face with the two people who star in all his favorite fantasies. Their reunion is both erotic and emotional—and has Hunter wondering if three's really a crowd, after all. Liam can't imagine his life without Kat. But he can imagine a future where the three of them live and love under one roof. Liam and Kat have shared their bed with other men, but Hunter is the only one who could ever have a place in their hearts. And this holiday season, Liam intends to make their dream a reality.
Well heck with a title like that how could I not request it?!! Plus it's from Carina Press, I have yet to be disappointed by one of their authors; although these women are new to me, I must get it, the premise sounds awesome.

This was a quick exciting read. One hot marine and the two people who love him as much as he loves them?? Yes please.  The story centers around the fact that they once had a chance to be together and because Hunter ran Liam and Kat moved on together, now Hunter is back and he's decided to have a little holiday fun.  I loved how Liam accomplished this and that it was the one thing everyone wanted but were afraid to go get.

The romances were well written with the struggles of needing, wanting and moving forward written in a way that made the characters real.  I especially loved Hunter, his struggle was bone deep, even though ti was what he wanted. There are many reasons Hunter ran, and the have some deep roots, they both made this a compelling little novella that i wished was longer and gave the characters a bit of depth. I loved Liam and Kat together, they clearly had a good relationship going and evewn though they were happy without Hunter they knew they had the chance to be estacic with him, if only he would stop running from who he was and who they were.

I loved how they flowed together well, nothing felt forced or stilted and I'm glad the authors acknowledged the reality of the ending.

Its' shot and sweet. I give it five steamy stars, for the great plot and wonderfully erotic scenes. I also give it four stars for overall story.
It was hot and grounded in reality, which made me love it even more. I can't wait to see if there is going to be a full novel, because it has the potential to be amazing.It's a great little Christmas romance. I recommend checking it out.
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