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Book #Review: Fair Game (The Rules 1) by Monica Murphy .@Monicamurphy .@wordsmithpublic

Book Title: Fair Game (The Rules 1)
Author: Monica Murphy |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Monica Murphy
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 1
Format: ebook
Cost: $3.99
Pages: 431
How I got it: Blog Tour Company
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Publication Date: May 12, 2015
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Bad enough Jade Frost’s boyfriend drags her to a boring poker game. Even worse that he actually threw her into the betting pot during an intense round…and lost. Talk about the perfect excuse for Jade to make him her ex-boyfriend. Now she supposedly belongs to the ultra rich, extremely gorgeous Shep Prescott. He could have anything he wants yet he seems to be in hot pursuit of her. No matter how rude, how snarky, how impossible she acts, it doesn’t stop him. More like her horrible behavior seems to make him want her more. When she finds herself starting to fall for him, Jade’s confused. There’s more to Shep than the carefree rich charmer he portrays. No way could he want a serious relationship with her…or could he?
When doesn't this woman create an amazing story (yeah we're going to pretend, book three of the quartet didn't happen, it. never. happened. Got it?!!) Ok Monica created amazing characters in this new book, they were witty, funny, sarcastic, and snarky heroines, smart and slightly crazy hot men, who fall over themselves to get the heroine.  this was a good story, especially considering where it started.

I really loved this story. It's a great read that felt like a good romantic retelling like you sat down with a few friends and they decided to share how they met, and they keep cutting each other off to share little tidbits the other didn't know. It made me laugh, it was hot as heck when they hooked up, and I loved watching the formulation of their friendships.  Shep and Jade were so witty together, their back and forth banter kept me hooked to the page, because you never knew what the other was going to say or how they would react.

At first Jade was totally unimpressed with Shep and this totally threw him, he was used to having the women on his college campus accepting and giving him free reign in their lives.  I loved how his friends challenged him and his decisions, because without meaning to they helped to clarify a few things for Shep.  I was kinda intrigued with the idea that he owned a gambling hall, it's not something you see in the new adult books.  Shep wasn't your typical college kid either, yes he was a bit of a user (but if the women knew what was up and just wanted to hook up as well, I don't see what the problem is) but other than that he wasn't the crazy hella scary bad boy, he was pretty awesome to read; and I loved that despite all that experience Jade still made him act like a fool at times.

Jade was my kind of girl, she was so funny especially in her head, she felt so genuine and real., she also felt like the kind of girl I would hand out with. I loved her best friend Kelli, who was also funny and sarcastic,s he was the best at pushing Jade whenever Jade was trying to hide.  She was also totally in her corner whenever she felt Jade was in the right and would back her and be an amazing friend all around.

Can we get more from Em & Em?? They were hilarious and reminded me of these girls that lived in my building in college (I'm pretty sure they didn't have the habit, they were just that quirky and would share whatever was on their minds at the moment).  I enjoyed the moments with them, although they almost made Jade go down a path I'm not sure she was ready for (or should ever be ready for).

I'm guessing the other two books are going to be about Tristan and Gabe?? Idk and I don't care, I'm reading them anyway.  I'm going to need them soon though because yeah, too funny.

I also give this five extra steamy stars because holy moly did  Shep know how to use his whole body to please his woman.  I loved those scenes especially because of Jade's fears and Shep's desire to get to know her, not just any woman but Jade herself. It was awesome.
Happy Reading and make sure to share the love with Monica and the others on the tour.  
Now I'm just waiting for book 2 In the Dark. Find it on goodreads. It's due out Aug 2015

If you've read it share what you thought in the comments, please and thank you.

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