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Book #Review: Salvation (Nashville Nights 2) by Robin Covington .@Barclay_PR .@RobinCovington

Book Title: Salvation (Nashville Nights 2)
Author:  Robin Covington |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Burning Up The Sheets LLC
Genre: New Adult Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 2
Format: ebook, 
Cost: $0.99
Pages: 210
How I got it: NetGalley
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks
Publication Date: 5/11/2015
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Letting go never felt so good. Carlisle Queen is dying and no one knows it. Burying the pain of losing her friends and her professional swimming career in a terrorist attack, America’s former sweetheart dulls her pain with drugs, pills and parties. The bomb left her with more than nightmares; shrapnel is lodged in her back and inching closer to her spinal cord. When the doctors tell her paralysis is inevitable, she decides to take her own life rather than face a lifetime in a wheelchair. Mateo Butler isn’t anyone’s hero. Reeling from the death of his little sister and his own cowardice, he spends his nights partying and his days ignoring the medical school acceptance letters and his parents’ concerned phone calls. Just a couple of months from graduation, he’s facing a future filled with shame and regret. The last thing he needs is to meet the woman who compels him to be a better man. Can they save each other? When Carlisle and Mateo meet, the chemistry between them is combustible. They play, party and hide their true selves until one night turns their lust into something more…something real. As secrets are revealed and walls collapse, what they were and what they might become doesn’t matter as much as who they are together. When the choice comes down to life or death, can love be their salvation?
Why won't Robin leave my emotions alone?!!! Just about every book she writes, she demands that I feel then jerks my feelings around, squeezes out some of my tears then drops me off. Sigh... so when can I get the third one??

I loved this book because the topic it took on, I especially loved the rawness of the characters' emotions.  And their reactions to the situation, and the twist and the ending, yeah I just loved it all.  Carlisle is an amazing complex character, she was raw & brutal and still a coward, but I emphasize with her and I loved her I understood her and I totally get her reasoning.

Teo is awesome he truly tries but he's completely unprepared for Carlisle.  He never saw her coming and when she hits, his world is never the same.  The two of them have been circling each other for a while, and with Teo set to graduate in a few days, & the summer coming up Carlisle feels she's safe to get what she wants and get out.  She isn't prepared for how much Teo makes her burn, challenges her, makes her laugh and just genuinely makes her feel damn good.  I absolutely loved her roommate and best friend,  who totally made her laugh, loved her and didn't really judge her, (even when I did).  At the beginning of the story for me Carlisle wasn't a likeable character because of her personal choices, I'm not a fan of drugging your problems away, & I get why she did it, and why for her it was necessary, but I still believe it's a cowards way of handling life; it's all going to be there when you come down from your high.  I felt for her and as the story progressed Carlisle grew on me and as she opened her eyes to the world again, so my eyes were opened to her world and her pain. ( I still don't believe in using drugs but I see why she did it).

I liked the semi-ending we got.  Because for me that was good, they were better but it's good that they acknowledge that it isn't always perfect and it doesn't always work out just because you love each other.    I really loved the research done and shown in the novel.  The clear and well understood changes they would each have to embrace.  And the challenges ahead were very daunting.

This isn't my first book dealing with a lead character who is disabled, Catherine Anderson does wonderful romances where they are characters that are physically disabled in some way.  This however was the first that explained her disability affected her life, her relationships, her psyche as well as intercourse.  Some of the other tales just brush over it,& I loved that Robin wasn't shy about it, she talked about the differences and how it changes, I even learnt a thing or three.

Matteo and Carlisle are written in a fun way, their conversations just drew you in and I know I laughed a few times, I so could hear her bad accent and it made me laugh and cringe to think about.  I loved their sexy times together, they certainly knew how to be inventive, and as Matteo says, he's very creative with the right stimulation.

Seeing that totally made me love this story even more than I did.  I was engrossed and enjoyed that others within the books were vocal about their doubts as if they could read some of my thoughts.  And that ending?? Those last few chapters?? Maaaan listen. Yeah I can't wait for book three.

It's going to be pretty darn interesting.
Have you read the series?? What about book 1?? I'll have my review up tomorrow for it.  Share your thoughts down below, and I'll catch you on the next blog on the tour.   Don't forget to share the love with the author and of course the other bloggers on tour.  

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