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Book #Review: Harry's Sacrifice ( Resonance Mates #5) by Bianca D'Arc

Book Title: Harry's Sacrifice
Author:  Bianca D'Arc |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 5
Format: ebook
Cost: $4.25
Pages: 256
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: March 11, 2014
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Embracing the unexpected can lead to all sorts of adventures. The prophesied time has arrived and Harry—born of an alien mother and a human father—must journey to the top of the world to unlock a mysterious ship found trapped in an icy crevasse. A ship only someone of Harry’s bloodline can open. Roshin, a young Alvian scribe, is sent to record events as they unfold. Beneath her remote, icy beauty, Harry feels an unwanted hum of attraction. He has always dreamed of a warm, giving relationship with a human. Not a cold, emotionless Alvian. Then there’s Cormac, an Alvian officer sent to head the expedition. When all three are trapped inside the vessel, Harry is confronted with an unexpected dilemma—cling to his dream of a human bond, or answer the call of fate and form a lifelong alliance with not just one, but two aliens. Product Warnings Harry’s all grown up and ready for action—with not one but two Alvians. Theirs could be a permanent ménage relationship that will resonate in your heart long after the last page is turned.
Reading Order:
  1. Hara's Legacy 
  2. Davin's Quest 
  3. Jaci's Experiment 
  4. Grady's Awakening  
  5. Harry's Sacrifice 
Le Sigh, it's the end y'all there is no new news and I couldn't hold out any longer. I finally read this after gobbling down Grady's Awakening.  I freaking Loved this one!! It's so good but there are still so many unanswered questions (at least for me), I never would have imagined the direction Bianca was taking us in & I'm so happy I have read this series.

When this series first started we were introduced to the O'Hara clan, which included three brothers and the wife of one of them and this showed the new world that has survived the cataclysm. I was so happy to have read this series because it has grown & expanded on the world Bianca first shared.  Resonance Mates were a thing of legend among the Alvian people,& emotions were seen as a weakness, and something that made you backwards, so when Mara Prime began her experiment she started it the old way and being unable to handle the task brought the result of her experiment to live with the O'Hara's until he was of age, Hara Prime or Harry to his family is that result and it's wonderful to see his story.

As the story progressed from O'Hara's Legacy we began to see  more of the Alvian society and how it was run, we learnt more about eh explorers who disappeared centuries ago and we learnt how the Alvian went so wrong.  this has taken that story arc and ended it in a wonderful way. For harry is goal has always been to love a human who knew what emotions was, he wanted to have the kind of relationship his parents had and he didn't believe e could find that among his other half of the family tree (and normally he would be right).

It was wonderful to read the unfolding of Harry's dream, seeing the woman and meant for him,the journey he had to go on to make the decision whether he would accept the Mates gave him or hold out for another. As more mystery is unfolded and we get drawn deeper into the intrigue we learn so much more about Alvian society and who they were before the experiments made them this way.  We learn so much of the history and all about Harry's place in the new world.  Change is coming and it came in the form of two amazing people. Both for Harry and for the world.

I LOVED this story, watching it all come together, seeing all the clues come out, reading as others became aware of all that had been taking place in the silence of the government.  I really loved seeing older characters and watching as they made an impact on Harry and his decisions.  I also felt bad for Harry because even though he was raised with emotions he at times was as callus as his unfeeling brethren.

I loved the talking to he received, because really at times he was very nonchalant about the gift he'd been given, I get that he had a dream for himself, but what he had been given was even greater.  I loved seeing Caleb again and loved that he was still such a good man despite being cooped up for decades.

In the end, Harry had to make some sacrifices to receive the ultimate dream and I loved the progression of it.   Omgosh guys so much happened and I wanted more from the story.  Bianca gave us so much, and yet so little.  Secrets were spilled, experiments done, lives changed and so much that was hidden became clear and I loved every second of it.

I loved the two characters that we were introduced to (I'm trying not to spoil it because it totally makes the second half so awesome). They were fun and funny once they got going and they totally made Harry a better man.

It's a wonderful book in the series and I highly recommend that you read them. It's amazing.
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