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Book #Review: Grady's Awakening ( Resonance Mates #4) by Bianca D'Arc .@biancadarc

Book Title: Grady's Awakening ( Resonance Mates 4)
Author:  Bianca D'Arc |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Series/Standalone: Book 4
Format: ebook, paperback
Cost: $12.00
Pages: 225
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: August 2009
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An alien warrior discovers what it is to love...and to share. Resonance Mates, Book 4 Alien super soldier Grady Prime's missions routinely lead him in unexpected directions, but his latest assignment--to kill a rogue warrior--is far beyond routine. This time he meets a woman who embroils him in an adventure of the highest order. Love. Gina has lived among aliens so long, she's lost her fear of them. She is undeniably attracted to Grady, even though their respective duties force them apart. Then, on a mission to a far-flung outpost, an encounter with a man from her past leaves her torn between her flaming desire for Grady, and her still-simmering love for an old flame. Jim and his group of human dissidents live in secret, away from alien patrols. He has responsibilities, and covert operations to manage. But when Gina re-enters his life, only one thing matters--being with her. Brought together by chance, the three form an alliance that pushes the boundaries of desire and make unexpected connections that could save the human race from alien conquerors...
Reading Order:
  1. Hara's Legacy 
  2. Davin's Quest 
  3. Jaci's Experiment 
  4. Grady's Awakening  
  5. Harry's Sacrifice 
I took forever to read this book because Bianca had stopped writing for several years and I didn't want the series to end. Grady has been in the series as a background character since the beginning, he came with Mara 12 and we slowly began to see the giant bodyguard learn about human interaction through his visits with the family.

I was hopeful and scared for this story because Grady was such an amazing character that only an amazing woman would be best, and when the sister got her own story and it wasn't with Grady I was kind of disappointed, that would have been awesome. The story that Bianca wrote though?? OMG it was perfect, in every way, each of the partners that make up the trio is amazing.  It only would have worked with these three, Grady the amazing Prime, Gina the former world champion and Jim the leader of the Resistance.

I loved reading them coming together.  Gina was an amazing woman to read and she wasn't at afraid of embracing change, you got the sense that she has some deep scars from her time wondering in the woods, and you know she misses her old life because of the attachments that have not survived the cataclysm.  I loved reading the story from someone who wasn't from the family and still survived, Gina made her way to the hills of California and it is there that she is rescued, and there that she learns and becomes apart of the Brotherhood.  It is here that eventually meets Grady and from her that her mission becomes important enough to separate them and let her meet the other half of her soul.

The character development and arc are wonderful to read. The flow of the story engaging and perfect, each chapter gave just enough to make you ask more questions and keep reading to solve each one.  The overall story arc was maintained and advanced and you see things that were mentioned briefly in other stories come together and make even more sense now.  I loved watching the two different species come together for their one common goal: loving Gina.  Jim had a lot to learn to let go off, because well Alvians haven't done anything that humans can be happy about and Grady didn't get to be Prime by being nice, he was the chief hunter among his line and that meant that most of the free humans that were captured were due to his work, that's a lot for Gina and Jim to get over.  However the enclave they have been staying in and the newest additions to their ranks help to make them understand better, and the paths to human survival become even more clear.

The love story was wonderfully written and done in a way that not only advanced the plot but also added dimension to the different characters.  I loved how vulnerable each character was and how they had to learn to work and live together.

It was amazing to read and see the expansion of the world that we have been introduced to, I loved seeing that there were others among the alien race, and see that there was more going on that even Mara 12 didn't know about.  I loved that the experiments have expanded. I loved that the humans are doing their best to survive and of course as humans we can't be held down for long.  It's funny (in a sad way) that the way humanity has begun to come together has only happened because we had a greater common enemy, one that had deadly precision when it came to capturing humans for their experiments.

Reading those parts, the discussion of humans locked in pens and being used as experiments made my hear hurt, even though it's just a story, it's bad because you know there are places in this world where we as humans are doing the same or worse on our own.   This was an amazing addition to the series and I can't wait to read the rest of the series and see what else happens, so far it's looking like Harry's Sacrifice which I picked up last year is the last of the books.  I'm not ready to let this world go, I want to know more I want to know if the Father gets his own mate and if she is who I think she is.  I want more from the world, will the other Prime take the test?? Will the counsel call off the hit on Prime??  Will we find out if there are more human enclaves and if they are hiding family members of everyone we met??

How will this world survive?? Will humanity be able to fight back? Can we survive the coming altercations??  Will the Alvian ever understand the damage they have wrought??
It's going to be bittersweet to read Harry's book, because it's coming to an end and I'm not ready, but I highly recommend this book and the series.

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