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Book #Review: Jared's Counterfeit Fiancee (Westmoreland 6) by Brenda Jackson

Book Title: Jared's Counterfeit Fiancee ( Westmoreland 6)
Author:  Brenda JacksonWebsiteTwitterFacebook
Publisher: Silhouette Desire
Genre: Romance, African American Romance, Contemporary
Series/Standalone: Book 6
Format: ebook, Mass Market
Cost: $5.99
Pages: 192
How I got it: Purchased
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Publication Date: May 10, 2005
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Pretending to be Jared Westmoreland's fiancée wasn't high on Dana Rollins's list of priorities. But she owed him a favor, and Jared's persuasive charm and sinful masculinity--not to mention his sizzling kisses--were impossible to refuse. Helping Jared meant spending time together publicly, but the private moments they shared made Dana wonder how she'd ever survive this engagement with her heart intact.

A confirmed bachelor, Jared didn't want any of the sticky entanglements that went along with commitment. But the more he got to know his beautiful fake fiancée, the more Jared wondered if their romantic charade might be the real thing after all.
Back into the Westmoreland clan we go, this time spinning off from the main family we are here to see the love story of a cousin of the main clan. So far the baby girl of the family has been married off and her three older brothers have also found love, one with her best friend.  Jared is a cousin who is a successful divorce attorney and has seen the ravages of 'love' is determined to never go down that path. This just proves that despite the parents doing everything right the children can still by their own experiences learn the wrong lessons.  Even though there are successful marriages that last around him Jared is still gun shy.

When a mistaken moment is overheard by his mother, Jared's afraid to embarrass her in front of her guests lets her continue to believe her error. He plans to tell her what she had overheard wasn't the right information, and then it snowballs. He's made aware by his father that there are health concerns which put him and his brothers in the uncomfortable position of trying to be concerned without being overwhelming. Knowing that the belief that he's engaged is going to help her he pitches a deal to Dana to help him until they know more and seeing how close the family is she says yes.  Dana met Jared when he represented a client and the attraction was off the charts, but she's a bit gun shy.

Dana is a successful woman who was getting ready to get married when her fiancee drops a bombshell and she's devastated. She's alone in the world after her parents' death and now another person she thought she could rely on is leaving her. She has a great career and a few good friends she can rely on but it's not the same and when she sees how close the Westmoreland family is and how wonderful they are she's not able to turn Jared down.  This should have been an easy favor, but it's complicated by their attraction and the more they give in the deeper this mire gets.

I love this trope and Brenda does an amazing job spinning this tale. From the dates, tot he quite moments of recognition of the change in their paths; this couple made you want to root for them. Jared's fall into love was wonderful to read, as he re-evaluated and even sought the wisdom of his fellow men about what made them realize they were in love. I loved the glimpses we get of the families and the new brides integrating into the family.  I love how the women have formed their own little club within the family.

Reading positive stories about black love and black families is so affirming.  I also loved the mini story that took place within this one as well, because that helped Jared realize there were other choices out there. I loved the way in which they fell in love and of course, their lovemaking scenes were amazing!! They just clicked so well and I loved their journey into love.

You guys know I'm a sap when it comes to romance, so make sure to grab this one if you're looking for a sweet quick romance.
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