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Book #Review: Seduced by Fire (The Submissive Series 4) by Tara Sue Me

Book Title: Seduced by Fire ( The Submissive Series 4, Partners in Play 1)
Author:  Tara Sue Me |Website| TwitterFacebook| Instagram
Publisher: New American Library/ Penguin
Genre: Erotica Romance, BDSM Romance
Series/Standalone: Series Book 4
Format: Trade Paperback, ebook
Cost: $15.00
Pages: 274
How I got it: Traded on Paperbackswap
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Publisher
Publication Date: March 4, 2014
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Tara Sue Me became a worldwide phenomenon with the Submissive Trilogy. Now she presents a scorching tale about a risky passion too hot to ignore.

Julie Masterson craves a taste of danger.

Despite being familiar with the different games people play in the bedroom, she’s never given in to her curiosity about putting her body in someone else’s power—until a chance meeting with Daniel Covington, the seductive Senior VP of Weston Bank, draws her into a titillating new world of sexual experience, one that she never knew she desperately needed.

Daniel is highly respected within his community, but he hasn’t had an exclusive relationship for over two years. Yet Julie’s eager innocence is driving him to the brink of ecstasy, making him rethink his feelings about commitment.

As their sizzling connection heats up, Daniel is ready to take Julie fully under his command. But when the dangerous side of their play rears its ugly head, Julie will have to decide if she trusts him enough to surrender completely—or if she should escape before she gets burned...
I read and loved the Submissive trilogy (back when it was just three books), and when I found out there were more I kept picking up the books but somehow managed to skip this one.  Really I skipped picking it up because I could never find it in store when I had coupons and it never seemed to be on sale anywhere so I patiently waited and then it popped up on paperbackswap so I had to trade for it.

I picked this one up randomly the other day and devoured it in one sitting.  We are introduced to Julie and her business partner Sasha. Sasha is a submissive and she's shared somewhat with Julie who is curious but doesn't know if she wants to explore or how to go about determining what she wants.  When she meets Daniel he's with his Grandmother and everything about him screams high powered and business-like but they have chemistry and they both decide to explore it.

I loved how the story developed, from their meet-cute to Sasha's interference to the development of their relationship. It all felt real, like something that could happen to a friend while not being too outlandish.  I enjoyed that as a friend Sasha tried to keep everyone's secret but at the same time protect her friend.  I enjoyed Daniel's wit and banter with Julie. While liking Julie's no-nonsense life yet she craved something more.

The story develops and blooms just as their relationship does and as they explore what BDSM could mean for them. I liked that Julie didn't just jump right in and feel at home, she struggled with being a person who was so in charge of everything else in her life and yet here she needed to submit. I loved that she wondered, doubted and worked through it to determine where she really wanted to be. Daniel was a well written, well rounded Dominant. One who knew what he wanted but was willing to step back as the woman he wanted learned to explore this part of herself for the first time.

I loved how the discussion of whether it was right to deny pieces of yourself because it was easier to fit into society because it was brought up by the characters. Even though each character determined how much they disclosed to the world I was glad to see them addressing real-life concerns.

I was saddened when the adversarial part of the story came about because my gosh did that hurt my heart and scare me and Julie.  I wanted to know so much more about the men and women who made up the play group.  I loved the description of their dynamics and how the group tried to keep them all safe. From having demonstrations and even mentorship programs.

This wouldn't be an erotica book without touching on how sensual and steamy the scenes were. Whether the main characters were watching a demonstration or participating in their own scenes, the raunchiness and sensuality certainly raised the temps well above steamy.

I highly recommend for those looking for a well written BDSM novel with characters that are well rounded, extremely erotic scenes and hot Doms with paddles.
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Let me know if you have read this or if you have other recommendations for hot steamy BDSM.Happy Reading my loves, 

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