Monday, March 31, 2014

Adios Bloggiesta 2014

Well we're supposed to become good friends with Pedro (Plan, Edit, Develop, Review & Organize). I normally use this time to do all the behind the scene stuff on the blog. I will have to note here, I'm not tech savvy enough to have done all of this by myself, most of these come from Kimba's Blog Tips & Tricks, and the few she didn't have I noted beside each check off.  

Here's what I did:
  1. Buy the domain name
  2. Clean Out Email Took the whole damn day, Jeez !!
  3. Clean up 12 reviews & Pre post them Completed just 1. yeah fail!!
  4. Participate in Challenges and Chats  I particpated in a few chats, and challenges, I used the IFTT thingie by the Book Vixen, took a little work but I got it now. Or I hope so!!
  5. Set up BEA 2014 posts
  6. Link Last few reviews to author pages & title pages
  7. Set up Review by Ratings Page
  8. double check broken links Using Google Webmasters program, it checks for broken links and let you know. (It's free)
  9. watermark all my pictures and put them back up & delete duplicates Only had a few of these to do
  10. Fix rating on side bar Tried new rating on sidebar didn't like, went back to old template
  11. Make blog button I created mine via this website
  12. Fix Facebook & Twitter headers & twitter background
  13. Set up Google + header properly
  14. Link FB page so posts go there
  15. Youtube Channel Header & Background
Added on after stalking other participants posts:
fix favicon button Completed mine using this website but for some reason it's not showing, you know because Blogger HATES ME!! UGH!! Update Now it's showing Yes!!!!
Setup BEA Page
Setup BEA IMM and link reviews
Info & copyright information at bottom of page
Backup Blog ( Thanks to Bri @ The Book Vixen I remembered this) 

I didn't do it all but I still did great and completed quite a bit of my list. How'd you do?? Share down below. 
Have a great week and I can't wait until the next one. 

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