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YA Book Review: The Sweet Dead Life

Book Title: The Sweet Dead Life
Author: Joy Preble |WebsiteTwitterFacebook|
Publisher: SOHO Teen
Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: Paperback, Hardcover , Kindle
Cost: $8.99, 17.99
Pages: 256
How I got it: Book Expo America 2012
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I found out two things today. One, I think I’m dying. And two, my brother is a perv. So begins the diary of 14-year-old Jenna Samuels, who is having a very bad eighth-grade year. Her single mother spends all day in bed. Dad vanished when she was eight. Her 16-year-old brother, Casey, tries to hold together what’s left of the family by working two after-school jobs— difficult, as he’s stoned all the time. To make matters worse, Jenna is sick. When she collapses one day, Casey tries to race her to the hospital in their beat-up Prius and crashes instead. Jenna wakes up in the ER to find Casey beside her. Beatified. Literally. The flab and zits? Gone. Before long, Jenna figures out that Casey didn’t survive the accident at all. He’s an “A-word.” (She can’t bring herself to utter the truth.) Soon they discover that Jenna isn’t just dying: she’s being poisoned. And Casey has been sent back to help solve the mystery that not only holds the key to her survival, but also to their mother’s mysterious depression and father’s disappearance.

I will say when the rep at SOHO Teen pitched the book it sounded intriguing which is why I took it, I didn't read the back because I wanted to go in without preconceived notions, it was only after I felt like I was so lost that I read the back and was like "nooooooo, I didn't want to know ALL of it, just a hint a clue. Damn it!!"

The cover for the original which is the paperback version is beautiful and that pulled me into reading this book, plus it's supposed to be a supernatural book, SWEET!!. Then this happened... they kinda gave the main plot points away on the back cover. Why?? They should have left that for the reader to find out as you're reading. This kinda spoilt the book for me, because  it felt like there was no real mystery anymore.

However once you started the read the book actually captured your imagination, at least for the first part, then it kinda just started to ramble.  Too many pieces were being left un-followed upon, so I went looking on Goodreads and Yup it's a series.  Jenna throughout the book is a bit whiny and self centered, there didn't seem to be any real substance to the mother, and the brother was kinda wishy washy. Jenna was kinda stubborn and funny in moments, but she felt extremely immature for a 14 year old straight A student.

I wasn't really a fan of him, or the concept of him being a working Angel since, he really didn't fit the profile and didn't even seem to want to try.  The world of the Angels wasn't being explained much and the world of the Angels was kinda thrown at you to accept as how she's written it instead of how the Christians have taught about Angels for centuries, so it kinda felt off.  I do understand why he ended up a stoner (not that I condone it, but I understand); I felt pretty bad that he had so much on his shoulders, especially because I'm sure he had his own dreams before his mom totally flaked out on him.

Part of the feeling of being let down maybe because I read this right after I read Croak and I guess I was in the mood for a book about death, and reapers or really good Angels and this sounded like it was going to fill that then didn't. I know I know, that's me, but what are the mysteries if the very back of the book tells you she's being poisoned and that he's an angel??

There were a few good moments in the book that made you like Jenna and her brother, but it wasn't enough for me to love the book, it's an okay read.

I'm not sure I 'll continue reading, the series especially because the ending was kind of rushed. It's a 'meh' read for me, it's not bad, certainly not the best either.

Have you read this book?? Will you share what you thought of the book in the comments or even your review?? Thanks
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