Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mardi Gras Madness Bingo Challenge

Yes I'm signing up for another darn challenge but this one looks awesome doesn't it!! And it's going to help with the Project 45 & the Project 350 (otherwise known as my TBR pile).

This wonderful Bingo game is the brain child of the lovely ladies over at Oh The Books, Click here to learn all the rules.  It's Bingo y'all it should be hella fun to do!! So far I have B. I. G

Read a book that…
B1: involves Greek mythology
B2: features a jester character
B3: has a mostly purple cover
B4: has a character that leads a life of excess Antonio in 
Sex & The Single Vamp Robin Covington
B5: has a crown on the cover
I1: has gems or jewels on the cover
I2: has a character going to a party 2/18 What the Greek's Money Can't Buy Maya Blake
I3: is set in Paris
I4: involves doubloons in the story
I5: has a king character or on the cover
N1: is set in The Big Easy (New Orleans, baby!)
N2: involves Egyptian mythology
N3: FREE SQUARE! Dial M For Menage 
N4: is set on/in/near a large body of water
N5: has a mostly yellow or gold cover
G1: has a character who goes to a ball
G2: has a mask on the cover
G3: involves a carnival (faire/circus)
G4: has a queen character or on the cover
G5: has cake on the cover or being eaten in the story Tart Lauren Dane ( Wedding Cake)
O1: has a French character or author 
O2: has a mostly green cover
O3: involves a feast Rome ( Rule's wedding)
O4: has characters wearing costumes
O5: has a feathered character or feathers on the cover 
Won't you join in?? We can share book suggestions and ideas. Let me know if you're participating too, cause this is about to be fun!!
Happy Reading

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