Monday, January 27, 2014

Children's Book Review: Substitute Creature (Tales From HP Lovecraft Middle School Book 4)

Book Title: Substitute Creature (Tales of HP Lovecraft Middle School 4)
Author: Charles Gilman |WebsiteFacebook|
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Children's Horror
Series/Standalone: Series
Format: paperback
Cost: $13.99
Pages: 178
How I got it: BEA 2013 (Book Expo America)
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Shelfability: Read
Season: Fall/Halloween
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When a giant nor’easter dumps a blanket of snow on the village of Dunwich, Massachussetts, Robert Arthur and his friends find themselves marooned inside Lovecraft Middle School. The kids have no choice but to spend the night—while snacking on cafeteria food, sleeping on classroom floors, and facing off against a mysterious substitute teacher who may have a sinister secret. The latest adventure in the Lovecraft Middle School series features more adventures, more outrageous monsters, and another terrifying lenticular cover!

Rated for middle grade,  but I would make sure they are old enough to understand that this is just a story and not take ideas from it. I would say upper middle school.  The cover is the biggest selling point for me personally, I just love the awesome changing photos.

This is a good little book.. I haven't read the other books in the series, but now I'm intrigued I so want to read them now.  Clearly a book you have had to have read the first few books to understand all the relationships and the background stories.  To truly get it as well as to truly love the characters and understand the whole cast.  Even though the author was great at linking in the previous stories.

I enjoyed the story, the little turns and mysteries even though I guessed many of them I would totally see why young kids would love this series. I loved the story, the mystery and the bravery, even the hard choice Robert had to make and how beautifully the 'don't judge because you don't know someone elses journey" point that was being made.  The pictures helped to draw you in and truly made the story; they also served to break up the story and make the points beautifully.

 Well written, engaging and makes you want to dive back in, these should be a great hit among it's intended audience.
I enjoyed it and will be getting the actual books including the previous ones.
Happy Reading, this series is a cute little creepy series.

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