Sunday, January 5, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: Worst Book of 2013

I'm not going to lie, I read some real shyt books in 2013, some I didn't even finish because I refuse to waste good time reading bull.  But even if I hated a book this year I'm not sure I can find one I will take the WORST book of the year.

I think labeling books like that will not only bring the rabid crazy fans down on our heads, we risk alienating the ones who really loved the book but value our other book recommendations, plus I think it just gives the drama queens another piece of drama to latch onto.  That there is my belief and I'm sticking to it.   While I won't label a book a worst book of the year I do have some contenders for "these should have been thought through a little more before they were published or even not published at all" List:

In Too Deep This book made me so mad I wanted to scream. This character was weak, stupid, deserved a bitch slap and then some. I know I wasn't the only one who thought so, as one of my fellow BEA buddies flipped out when she read it. The character was beyond immature for her age, and made an accusation that was disgusting then tried to make it sound as if she was the victim,  I F**king hated this book, the concept, heck even as I'm typing this I'm getting mad all over again.  This book was not hashed out, it was a piss poor job of a story, if they had wanted to discuss how it affected the boy, cool if it had been told from his point of view this would have been a good story, this vapid, insipid idiot of a character?? If they had told the story as say someone else made the accusation and she was actually trying to clean it up?? Maybe then it would be different but she WENT along with the lie, KNOWING it was a lie. She had a million chances in which to correct the mistake and didn't and I'm not here for it. This is one the worst books written on this topic in my opinion especially in light of the events that was taking place when this came out. Nope I HATE THIS BOOK.

Bringing up the number two position for idiot books of the year is   A Scandal So Sweet. Where do I begin??  This book, oh this book?? I want any writer who thinks "Hey let's write about fake rape" to just STOP at the thought process, don't put your hands on a keyboard, don't actually write it down , Unless you plan to FLESH the story out. This was an abysmal attempt at making it ok. This was just as bad as the one above. You become a movie star, with a huge platform and every time they discuss you they bring this scandal up and you NEVER clean it up??? You never once share that it was a mistake perpetrated on your behalf?? That it was never to come to this?? You let that shyt ride?? And then, he comes back and falls in love with you?? Personally I'm just not that forgiving, I see you coming after you and your family attempted to send me to jail I'm not stopping to spit on you if you were on fire, much less talk.

Taken by Kelli Maine. Le Sigh, where do I begin?? The story starts off great, the prologue enough to pull you in and then??? Chapter 1 begins and I'm lost, why are we in this POV?? If I read one more "you" in describing the character I would scream. Seriously?!!! Who really falls in love with their capture?? Did it happen I have no idea because I couldn't finish reading, Don't try to pull me into the story, this method sucks when dealing with such topics. And there are supposedly two more books out there??? Yeah I'm soooooo good. I was so intrigued, and I liked the cover, I'm so not even going near this book ever again, Thankfully it's a finished copy.  I looked it up, it's got a solid four rating on goodreads, so others must love it, just not me. ( If anyone wants it, email me, if not I'm donating to the library) this is not a keeper to me.

Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods 1) Melissa De La Cruz I grew up watching Gossip Girl, and reading this to me was like watching the early episodes from 2000s now in 2013. You looked at it and saw it as dated and kinda lame compared to what can be seen, done now it was trying way too hard to be cool.  Blair never talked like this because she knew she was the Queen ( and even she was pretty vain).  I couldn't even make it past 50 pages. I just couldn't. I'll stick with Blair, Serena & Chuck, these watered-down versions are just too Meh. 

I'm sure somewhere out there are people who loved these books. I just couldn't and I'm not sorry.  If these were your faves, don't feel bad, I'm sure they were awesome for you, they just really weren't my kind of books.  Make sure to swing by Parajunkee to see what everyone else has put on their list.

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