Sunday, January 12, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: How Do You Plan On Getting More Followers

Swing on by Rachel's blog Parajunkee to see the other participants posts.

How do I plan to bring in more followers?? Well I'm doing this blog hop aren't I?? I'm hoping that you will see my brilliance and decide to follow me and see my wonderful posts.  I'm looking to do more blog hops, participate in a few follow fridays, increase blog presence by sharing with authors and publishers my reviews so they can share with others. You know doing all the social sites and talking to people.

My main focus of course will be making sure my content in worth people coming back to, making sure I'm doing my reviews, posting hauls (because really we just want to see the books), and sharing any bookish things I do.  From there it's up to everyone else to decide if I'm worth reading (I am I AM!!).
Of course a few bribes giveaways won't hurt the cause either ( because I know I'm not the only one to love seeing the books and getting a chance to win one?? Oh baby where do I sign up??).

That's it, that's all I can think of, the only thing left of course is time, time for people to see that I'm not just here for the books (I mean four years people), but it will takes time, so I'll chip away at it until I reach the newest goal, then go from there.

What are you doing towards new followers?? Share down below, don't forget to show some love to the other bloggers.

Happy Reading my loves

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