Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BB New Year's Post: Blogging Wishlist of 2014

Oh no where did the time go?? It's the last day of our blogging party; make sure to show some serious love to the participating bloggers today and of course to our wonderful host Parajunkee.

Yep, it's the last day, and one of my favorite topics, what is on my blogging wishlist. I think the easiest answer would be what isn't. In no particular order:

  • I want an awesome blog design that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I like this one though so I'm not sure if I want to change it yet.
  • I want followers who are interactive and fun
  • I want to be able to do more vlogs
  • Publish amazing reviews
  • Be invited to Harlequin Headquarters just so I can breathe in the books
  • Meet John Green and share with him how much TFIOS captures what it's like to live with a really sh*t diagnosis. Thank him for the brilliance he wrote;  Then kick him for that ending *sobs* *sobs so more*
  • Go back to the Strand bookstore and explore every and I mean every nook and cranny. I just might go wild, maybe purchase some books. !!
  • Create a brand for myself that others will know to look for adult and erotica/romance reviews here.
  • Clean up my Netgalley review lists.
  • Clean up my TBR Pile (yeah that's not really happening but a girl can dream)
  • Cross post to all my Library Thing, Goodreads and Amazon links
  • Be invited to join Amazon Vine ( hey she said wish it doesn't have to be grounded in reality)
  • Be totally Brilliant at BEA this year so more publicists will want to work with me and then belows wish will come true. 
  • Get more physical books instead of ebooks (actually grow the tener cojones to request physical books instead of just ebooks) 
  • Find a way to write my reviews, read the books, post, live a real life, and read without something falling through the cracks. ( you see I put read on there twice right, yeah I want to read lots of books). 
There are way more things, but these are the ones I really want to happen in 2014. Some I can work towards, some will never happen this year, but at least it's a goal right?? Right??

In case Rachel really meant for us to share a book wishlists, I'm just going to say, check my goodreads, or amazon links, all my book dreams are listed there.

Well share your wishlists down below, and we'll all try to help each other along.
Happy Reading

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