Friday, January 10, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: New Things You Will Be Doing This Year

Make sure to show some love to our wonderful hostess Rachel of Parajunkee's View.  

EVERYTHING. Lol this is a new blog for me.  My other blog was a lifestyle blog that got taken over by the books, so I kicked the books out and created this haven for them. Everything will be new here.  Mostly I'm aiming to do more bookish things this year.  I went to the Strand Bookstore and the Largest Barnes and Nobles in the World in December 2013, I would like to go back and spend hours perusing the shelves and finding little gold nuggets of awesome stories.  

My goal this year is to accomplish a few bookish bucket list items, including doing some non convention author signings, listening to an audio book,  seeing the inside of Harlequin Publishing, and actually reading a book before seeing the movie. LOL yeah my list is so daring.

What new things are you looking forward to?? Anything fun?? Share in the comments please, and I'll show some love.
Happy Reading

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