Friday, January 3, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: Books of 2013 I'm Sad I Missed

Another day of posting to this challenge, I'm loving it so far because it's really making you think. Make sure to swing on by Rachel's Parajunkee blog to see the other participants.  For today's topic I have to list the ones that got away, it's going to be a mix of genres so don't hate me for the jumbled mess that's about to happen.
  1. Savage Blue Zoroyda Cordova
  2. Rogue Gina Damico (I soooo need to finish this series)
  3. The newest addition by Beth Kery
  4. Shayla Black's newest books in the Wicked Lovers Series
  5. Thankless in death ~JD Robb's
  6. Lookaway, Lookaway by William Barnhart
  7. Scorched by Mari Mancusi
  8. Fifth Grave past the Right Darynda Jones
  9. Dark Witch Nora Roberts
  10. Heather Graham's The Night is Forever
  11. Mad about the Boy Helen Fielding
those are the ones I can think of right now, I received far more books to review that were originally on the list, I just haven't gotten a chance to read them yet.  Many of my favorite authors published this year and I snapped them up, so I didn't miss them but I haven't read all of the yet either.  I looked at tomorrows topic and I'm shivering just thinking of the list I'm going to create.  

What's your list looking like?? Did you miss many?? Or do you have them in the pile you just need to dig to get to them?? Share in the comments below and I'll swing by and share some love.  Thanks again to Rachel for hosting this awesome event.
Much love and Happy Reading

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