Thursday, January 2, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge : Pros & Cons of Book Blogging

  • Reading and getting to gush about your favorite books/stories/characters with like minded people
  • Having a place to share all the nerdy moments you have and know that you won't be judged too harshly because your readers are just as nerdy.
  • Getting your fave author to tweet at you, or comment back to you on facebook, or on your blog, or having them share your blog post. Yeah gotta be some of my fave moments this year
  • Book Conventions, yeah there is nothing like meeting your fave authors, hanging out with publishers/editors and learning about future books coming out
  • The books, I would be lying by not sharing about the books, I love reading and getting books before they come out. I love getting to dive into my fave stories with little to no wait.  
  • Learning new things so I can do more things on my blog, and even within my personal life.
  • Being exposed to new people. books, authors, cultures through new stories & new genres

  • Never anytime to really read, especially if your on a blog tour, you have to read with a deadline in mind and then if you have other books due out around the same time your speed reading, not so much for enjoyment
  • Reading books and hating them but having to write a review that doesn't make others hate the book
  • the guilt, oh gawd the guilt when you don't read the books on time or even close to on time,
  • the guilt of not posting your review on time.
  • not being able to formulate a brilliant review without sounding like a teenager gushing over and over about the book even though you love it to pieces
  • writing reviews and having no one read them, especially if you took the time to formulate a brilliant review
  • the tons of time spent creating content and not really living your life offline for a while, especially when your trying to grow your blog, expose yourself and be heard.
  • feeling like no matter how much you do, it's never enough for you to get surprise boxes in the mail from your favorite publishers
  • trying to balance showing the books and bragging about what you got
  • budgeting, because books don't buy themselves.
Well that's all I've got, what do you have on your list?? Share the link below and I'll swing on over and show some love.  Want to participate?? Swing on over to Rachel's blog and see all the information for yourself.

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