Saturday, January 4, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: Anticipated 2014 Books

Well Rachel has no idea the craziness that she  has unleashed!! Make sure to swing by Parajunkee's View to see the other participant's lists.  I of course already had a loosely thought out list that I'm anticipating reading for 2014, but with this I'm going in. I'm going to list them all here.  I'm excited aren't you???

My List:

that's it!!!
Ok I'm just kidding..... that's not even the half of it. So here's my attempt to share my book lust, just know this list is subject to change at a moment's notice (like me learning the dates of new books coming out)

  1. Dark Wolf Christine Feehan due out Jan 7th (already preordered) READ
  2. Theirs to Cherish Shayla Black due out Mar 4th (preordered)GOT IT
  3. Since I saw You by Beth Kery due out May (preordered)
  4. Sixth Grave on the Edge Darynda Jones
  5. Accidentally....Cimil (Accidentally Yours 4.5)
  6. Silence of the Wolf Terry Spear
  7. Shadow Spell Nora Roberts
  8. Jaguar Hunt Terry Spear READ &REVIEWED
  9. The Innocent Shiloh Walker
  10. Lynn Kurland Novels
  11. Maggie Shayne
  12. JD Robb
  13. Waking the Dead (and anything else) Heather GrahamGOT IT
  14. Dark Blood Christine Feehan
  15. The Book Of Life Deborah HarknessGOT IT
  16. Hero of a Highland Wolf Terry SpearGOT IT
  17. To tempt a Viking Michelle Willingham GOT IT
  18. Julie Garwood
  19. Hell For Leather Julie Ann Walker
  20. Carolyn Brown
Yeah the more I research the longer the list gets, let me just say these are the ones I have either already preordered or am sitting on pins and needles waiting for them to give us release dates. I do have soooo many more but then y'all would be here until the end of time, nope not a hyperbole I do mean that my list is unending.   So to spare us that, I will go back to my original statement. I.want.all.the.books.

What's you list look like??? Does it keep growing the more you hear about?? Share in the comments down below and of course like always I will swing on by and take a gander.  Oh boy I can already see I'm going to need a pencil and lots of paper.  

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