Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BB New Year's Challenge: Top Ten Book Blogging Pet Peeves

Yeah, we all have them, I know I have some that really annoy me especially when it seems like it's happening more than once on several blogs, here we go:
  1. the drama in the book blogging community, especially when it involves so many who seem to enjoy bringing that shyt up over and over & over again. 
  2. authors who are rude to book reviewers and bloggers
  3. an author you idolize coming out and saying really horrible things that makes you hate them and feel guilty for reading their body of work.  
  4. the trolls, who love to say hateful and hurtful things all over the blogsphere, like who has the time to really sit there and share all the hate into the world?? Don't you have loved one who need you, lives?? Jobs?? Holy Goddess I need y'all to find some joy and some love, get a hobby, have some good sex, SOMETHING, ANYTHING. 
  5. Memes, all the effing memes, everybody has a meme, some of them about the same shyt, seriously do we ALL have to have our OWN version? Can't we just use the one??  Challenges, oh my gawd, does everyone have to have a challenge for different genres or themes *steampunk with HEA and no erotic scenes with strong female lead challenge* NOT A REAL CHALLENGE but y'all get the drift, I get it, I love some of them, heck I've even made a few personal ones. but really though, how many kinds of vampire/adult/ya challenges can you have???
  6. ADs, now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making money off of blogging, but ummmm why your ad gotta be RIGHT THERE, right where I want to read, why do I have to click it off before I can read the review?? Let me tell ya' I generally just leave the page, I don't stick around I'm out. 
  7. The complete and utter LACK OF DIVERSITY!!!! It's why I started blogging, I was tired of reading about the same genre and same books by the same kinds of readers, can we have some authors of color?? Characters of color??  Heck can the female lead not be a simple girl next door who doesn't wear makeup or skirts?? What... cheerleaders don't deserve love too?? Why can't I be athletic and smart???? The lack of diversity in books being published, once twilight took off all kinds of follow along books came out, once FSOG (otherwise known as 50 Shades of Shyt at least to me) all kinds of reckless books came out, I get it, but ummm why no diversity in the books?? * I will admit to read a lot of those books, and loving many of them*
  8. Why no characters of color?? Almost all the 'famous and great' books this year feature white female leads. Almost every.single. one has a white young woman on the cover.SERIOUSLY?? I'm so tired of reading books even if they are great, where the authors have created their Utopia world and almost none of the characters are Black/Latino/Asian/Native American. Unless of course those characters are a) the villain b) the sage guru who helps the protagonist accept their fate as all powerful being in the universe *sarcasm* c) a stereotypical caricature of a person who is only on the page so you can't say there are no characters of color.  
  9. The lack of Bloggers of color, there are a few, but they don't have the following that many of the other bloggers have, the lack of ADULT vloggers & bloggers. I get it; what's hot is the YA and New Adult genres, but can we get some love for the erotica genre?? The mystery genre?? SciFi?? No?? Oh Ok.. *creates my own blogspace just for that*
  10. Are we leaving Goodreads or no?? Is it booklikes now, or does LibraryThing now become the thing.  Does Shelfari even exist to anyone anymore?? Do I tumble, or am I only supposed to.... Iquit trying to keep up. WTH is going on?? Can someone please share with those of us not following everything going on in the book blogging world 24/7/365?? Cause I'm confused are we even doing anything or are we just going to make noise but stay??
That's my list, it's not an all inclusive list, I could talk about the privilege  displayed by many of the characters in these novels, but that's a whole other post. These are the things that bother. Especially the last three, I love reading but when it feels like your part of the problem it's even worse, the genres I read have almost NO authors of color, and almost no characters of color, which is freaking sad.  Ok moving on to happier thoughts, what's on your list?? Share the link below and of course I will come and share some love. Also if you know of authors of color and GOOD I and do mean good books with characters of color, please share down below. thanks
Thanks for stopping by and reading

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